Huge Instagram Round Up

Hi guys
throughout all the Holiday and Christmas preparations I almost forgot my Round-Up of the latest Outfits I had worn.
I just tried out some table decoration ideas. Not perfect yet but I am still working on that-so there´s gonna be a post about it very soon.
But here we go with my Outfits of the day:
 Had worn this cozy and cute outfiton a sunday while visiting my parents. Was a long day for me – my mom bought a 1000 !!!! pieces puzzle and we started it, still haven´t finished it yet but there will be more sundays.
I thought this would be a nice combination for this nice rose knit pullover. The necklace may not be a winter themed one but I thought it has a great match.

Found those – of course – at H&M and I am loving them. They are absolutely gorgeous and so great for Christmas. Little Christmas trees, red bows and more….


If you are currently reading my blog you all know that I love plaied skirts and scarfs. So here is one with white, orange and black. I paired it with a white shirt from timezone and bootcut Jeans and of course  my favorite shoes.


The cardigan in this picture is the first cashmere piece I have ever earned. I loved the virbrant pink from the beginning. I paired it with a rose longsleeve and a matching scarf with both colors in it.
The boots are old but they are still great for winter time with the fur.
This has  been my favorite knit cardigan so far. It matches with a lot of my stuff and it so soft and oversized in the length. That´s great.
Paired it with a simple shirt I purchased from a market in Italy and my favorite Winter boots.
The bag is Calvin Klein and has this soft rose and nude shimmer.

Had worn this on a saturday for running a lot of errands- all for the Holiday season – that´s why the boots are flat 🙂
Loving this fluffy fur vest and the little hearts on the button down.

Of course another Plaid shirt but I can´t help it I am loving those scottish Patterns.


This has become one of my favorite Dresses. I got it from my mom because she thinks it is to short for her. I like it a lot because I like all kinds of Greys. The cardigan is my 2nd cashmere piece I have ever purchased. Paired it with a doctors bag from Mango and my favorite buffalo heels.

So here is the last outfit for this round up and yes – wearing the knit cardigan again and my Buffalo heels and yes I also got a dress with the heart pattern like the button down I had worn earlier, but this was still a nice and stylish outfit.
Hope you are all having a great week so far. It is my last working week and then VACATION !!
Take care. See you. Love K.

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