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Hi guys,

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I am starting a “Casual Saturday” posts series today. I was thinking about how I could give you a little more information on what I am doing or what I like which is not related to fashion but still shows who I am and what I like to do. Not everything about that is breathtaking but maybe you are interested in more information of our habits and go-to places.

Let´s see …

We finished Big little lies on Sky last weekend and I must admit first I had second thoughts if I would like it but after the second episode I was blown away and I loved it. Florian also liked it and we guessed back and forth which one of them could be the murdered one. Fantastic!!

Now we are on Season 2 of The Good Wife on Netflix which I really like a lot but there are already 7 seasons and no sign of stopping.

I found a new recipe which I immidiately tried out because I was so curious if I could do this too. The caprese stuffed balsamic chicken by cookingwithmima.This was so easy and so delicious. I made a salad with the rest of the dried tomatoes and baked potatoes as a side dish.

We also went to an Italian restaurant for dinner last weekend because Florians uncle who works in the Arabian Emirates came by for a visit. I had a seafood plattern which was beyond good – didn´t expect that since it was such a small restaurant.

I made chocolate chip cookies for Sunday. I got this recipe from High Road in High Heels and they turned out perfect. This really is the perfect cookie recipe and I just can recommend it to anyone else. Easy and so delicious!

We bought a grill for the patio so this is coming together (very slowly) – I am doing a post about that when we are totally done (we also have a solar light in the shape of a flamingo – love this one, a few plant pots and a planter staircase with colorful little plant pots). We also headed to Ikea to get a table with matching chairs set. Our car hasn´t been this full for quite a while now.

And I am still looking for some things for our office at home. I wanted to shoot an office tour way earlier but in fact we used this room as storage room during the Winter months so I had to clean up first before I could overlook what is still missing but this is coming to an end very soon.

I ordered a new rug from Otto – a white one with colorful splashes – for my dressing room.

Thinking about getting another one for our bedroom.

So there was just furniture this week. I hadn´t even time to look at anything else. No drug store tour 🙁 or anything else.

I ordered a old Taylor Swift CD from Amazon (as she still isn´t on Spotify), the album is called RED. I loved to listen to it earlier but I couldn´t find it after I moved. Now I am singing to songs like “The lucky one and Red in my car (only with the windows closed). Although I haven´t found anything new which I really liked.

I got my bronze badge in Line Dance last Saturday. So cool. I am so happy cause I was so nervous upfront. We had to dance three dances to different songs and the jury decided whether you made it through or not. Since it was “only” bronze the expectations and ratings weren´t that high but it was still exciting.

I am hosting a big family Easter brunch today so I am already busy cooking and decorating while you are reading. I am using the table scape I posted here. Tomorrow is gonna be a post free day – we are heading to another Easter brunch – so we´ll see each other back on Monday.

 So cheers to the weekend. 

Thanks for stopping by.
Take care. See you.

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