Lip stains – tried, tested and loved – drug store and MAC….

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor – 645 Éternité
I haven´t been using Revlon for a few years now so I obviously missed the point where it came back to German drug stores. 
I picked a gloss and a view other things but I have to used them first before saying anything about it. 
The gloss so far is great, it is super pigmented and it smells so good. The color is a pretty nude with a rosy undertone. This is definitely a perfect color for Spring. Totally goes with every rose, blush and pink top you are wearing. But it doesn´t dry on your lips, this is more a gloss than a lip stain. Although I really like it. About 11 Euro.
Iconic tube – check. Super pigmented color – check. Bold pink shade – check. Dries perfectly – check. Stays very long – check. The only downside it has – in my opinion – it sticks a little before it dries but obviously it has too since it is no powder. Totally recommend this one. About 26 Euro.
I was totally surprised by this one. Great pigmentation. Dries very quickly and stays a long time. The pink is such a great color for Spring. Can´t wait to wear this one with a white blouse. There are also lots of other colors available. Also great price point for about 7 Euro.
This one wasn´t nearly as pigmented as I thought. I is a little sheer and the color is more of a neon than a deeper purple but since it is the Pantone 2018 color I had to try it. It definitely needs some touch ups and it doesn´t dry completely. The quality isn´t as good as I thought since their lipsticks are great. Would not buy another one the mattes. About 8 Euro.
This was no stranger to me. They have lip laquers with other finishes which I also own. The red is really pretty. Got this for Christmas time but I think it works year round. But it is more on the glossy side. It has a matte finish but it doesn´t dry very good. About 6 Euro.
This one really surprised me (so much that I also got a second color) a lot. First of all it is not drying totally but although it is longlasting.The color is great. It is a different one for me. Usually I am not using a mauve kind of color but you know sometimes you gotta step out of your comfort zone. I totally fits for several colors and looks. The finish is very matt, like the tube says and for about 3 Euro there is nothing to complain. 
This is a really pretty color. Such a great nude hue. Matches every outfit. I like that it has a matte finish but it doesn´t dry very good. Also it lasts. So this really is a good every day lip look. About 6 Euro.

trend it up ultra matte lipcream – color 51
This one makes an okay gloss. It is okay for over a lipstick. But it doesn´t dry and it doesn´t hold very long or very good. Also it feels very slippery on my lips. About 3 Euro.
Super stay is the theme here guys. This one holds up incredibly. I was out for dinner this evening and when we came home I took a shower and afterwards it was still there. The color lasts incredible. Had to remove it with an eyeshadow remover cause nothing else workes. Although I thought it would be a lighter red hue than it really is. It darkens when it dries. And the one thing I didn´t like at all is that is sticks. Even when it is all dryed it still sticks. 


Hi guys,

by knowing that I am a lipstick addict – yes guilty – you might not be surprised that I have expanded my area from lipsticks to lip stains. I am a lover of bold and bright colors but I also like my lip color to stay in its place. So the idea of a lip stain is perfect. 

I have picked out different colors, brands and price points and tested each one for a few days and boy there was a difference.

Of couse I am going to keep them all cause all the colors are adorable but I probably gonna use them in a different way not only as a pure gloss.

Update: A few days after shooting this post I found another great lip stain when I was at the Kiko Milano store. The Instant color matte liquid lip color. I got color 09 rose mauve and color 10 dark mauve and I love them. They dry right away. The colors I got are pretty pigmented and they last several hours no matter what your are doing. They are available in a bunch of different colors. About 10 Euro. 

Have you picked your favorite color?

Thanks for stopping by. 

Take care. See you.

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