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Hello my fellow amazonians,

(post contains affiliate links/Werbung/Markennennung/Beitrag enthält Affiliate Links-not sponsored)

here I am reporting back with another amazon finds post. I love sharing these cause I personally adore reading them from all of the other bloggers I follow. There are thousands and thousands of articles on amazon. You can find great pieces but you can also get a lot of things you won´t need at all but think you do. 

For us amazon has been super convenient cause I get everything at one place and I  don´t have to leave the house which can be quite the adventure when you have to pack the car with hundreds of things for the baby. 

To be honest this month hasn´t been super exciting but I am gonna share anyways.

Samsung Galaxy A 71 smart phone // Finally got a new phone. Yay! This one has a bunch of great cameras and makes awesome pictures just like I wanted it to plus the screen is huge. 

Leopard print smartphone case // How adorable is this leopard print phone case? I don´t need to add any more am I right?!

Syncwire cell phone holder // Ended up getting this ring rather than a popsocket and so far I think it is way better plus it is less expensive.

Milk frother // I have read a ton about hot to make your PSL at home and for that I got this cute litle milk frother. Works like a charm so super soft milk foam it is.

Pumpkin wreath // The most beautiful indoor wreath that now sits on my mantel with all of my other pumpkins. This shop offers a ton of different ones as my exact wreath is currently unavailable.

“30” candles / “30” napkins // Great party supply I got for my husbands birthday dinner.

Rattle toy // Emilia loves it and we have a ball similar to this one she has also used a ton. Great toy for an affordable price.

Sensory baby toy // I ordered this because it is to supposed to help a lot with sensoric and motoric development but to be honest Emilia isn´t even interested in playing with it.

eufy security camera // So glad I got this for our house. It makes me feel a lot safer as I am most of the time home alone with a baby. We do have a dog but I personally like to see what happens outside before I open the door. It is super easy to install. Eufy offers a discount code from time to time so I would make sure to wait a little before buying it right away.

Security camera mountings // These are great to mount your eufy security cameras anywhere you like. You do not need to drill with these which is so good. They are super soft but stable and wrap really good.

It hasn´t been much this month but I still ordered some interesting stuff. Amazon for everything am I right?



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