My birthday spent in Vienna – Austria – Day 2 and 3 – what we did and where we ate…

^The Prater – Vienna´s amusement park with rollercoasters^

^the famous ferris wheel^

^Hundertwasser museum^

^Hundertwasser house^

^Vienna opera building^

^worlds famous Sacher cake^

^Sacher coffeehouse^

^Addicted to Rock – Restaurant^

^Schönbrunn castle^

^Ronacher theatre where Dance of the Vampires is playing^


Hi guys,

let´s move on with the travel guide for Vienna. You can read the first part here.
Day 2
On Monday our second day – and also my birthday – we went to see the Prater straight after breakfast. The Prater is like a small amusement park area with rollercoasters, candy stores and also a big ferris wheel with wooden cabins. It is famous for its old wooden cabins which makes it the real sight of the Prater. I wanted to take a ride on it but unfortunately it was closed for maintenance.
The Prater also had a Madame Tussauds but since we where at the London exhibition we didn´t want to spend so much time in there (altough they probably would have had Sissi).

After our pretty short stay at the Prater we took the Underground and went straigth to the Kärntnerstreet – one of the biggest shopping streets in Vienna. The buildings are all really old and beautiful so they had some shops like Douglas and also H&M in the most beautiful builidings I have ever seen. I got some lip products from MAC I wanted and also some pieces from the H&M store cause it was pretty cold and we didn´t bring any scarves, gloves or beanies with us.

Dressed like for a Canadian Winter we took the Underground and went a little outside of the old town to visit the Hundertwasserhaus and museum. Friedensreich Hundertwasser was an Austrian architect and artist. He designed several buildings all over the world with his signature style including lots of colors and crooked floors and walls. Also his paintings are very famous.

Afterwards we went to the Sacher café to enjoy some of the traditional Sacher cake as my birthday cake. The location was beautiful and so traditional with old coffee grinders, red velvet sofas and seats and marble tables. The staff is really nice and attentive so there are no long waiting times. They also serve other delicious cakes and sweets but we sticked to a classic chocolate cake with cream.

On another note – Austria has its own drug store chain called Bippa. They do have their own make-up bruh line and I really love them. They are really affordable and in a good quality and also they are white and pink so there is nothing wrong about that. But they sell out fast so you might have to check different stores.

After our afternoon coffee we went to the opera of Vienna to take some photos of the beautfiul building but you can´t go in without a ticket at all.

So since it started snowing/raining afterwards and got really cold and uncomfortable we decided to go back to the hotel and to get ready for the evening.

We reserved a table at the Addicted to Rock restaurant. Every city we visit there is always one day we eat burgers for dinner and which day would be a better cheat day than my birthday. The restaurant had a great atmosphere and a very modern touch. With a big bar as the centerpiece of the room with metall walls and bulbs on ropes hanging low. With wooden boxes as tables and brown armchairs and sofas. I have to admit although I liked it very much it is hard to eat properly by sitting so low and soft on a sofa.

Day 3
This was our last real day so we took a final stroll through the old town to have a last look at the tiny alleyways and the cute old shops. 

After that we took another ride on the Underground and went to the Schönbrunn castle. This is the castle where the imperial family including Franz and Sissi spent most of their time. The area really is huge so after walking around we went inside the castle and took the tour through the castle. 

To get a better impression of how big the city really is we decided to go on a hop-on-hop-off tour which was really great. The city is huge and has some really nice spots and some which you shouldn´t set a foot into. We had a closer look at the main train station which is super modern all made of glass and huge. There are so many shops in there it could be a shopping center too. 

There is lots of building going on in Vienna. Huge appartment and office complex are stamped out of the ground. Highly architectural and super modern. Everything built of concrete and/or glass. 

After riding around in the bus for over an hour we got of and took a ride back to our hotel cause we had to get ready for the musical. We watched The Dance of the Vampires. It was awesome. The music, the singers, the costumes and the scenery. 
 It took place at the Ronacher theatre which was a total match. A old building with marble floors, high and wide doors, beautiful wooden staircases and soft red armchairs.
 They offered a special service for the break between two sets to set up champagne for you cause the break is only about 15 minutes and you wouldn´t get ready in time by standing in line.  

The musical took about 2 1/2 hour but it was totally worth it. It wasn´t boring a minute.

We decided to go back to the hotel once the musical was over cause we still needed to pack and we wanted to leave as early as possible the next day cause the weather was about to be really bad.

Overall it was a really nice getaway. 4 days or 3 full days are enough if you aren´t as museum interested as other people might be (cause museums take a lot of time).

If your birthday isn´t in January you should go there a few months later in Spring I think it would be really pretty since there are so many parks. 

Wow this was one heck of a long post but I wanted to tell you as much as possible since anyone is interested. 
You can also mail me directly if there is anything else you want to knwo.

As always thanks for stopping by. Take care. see you.

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