First Signs of Spring – Flower Print…


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Who else is awaiting the end of Winter ?? Yeah me too but to be honest it is almost laughable cause Winter will still be here about 8 weeks and we are all already fed up of it. Anyways since we are awaiting Spring with all its benefits I wanted to share a cute Winter look which reminds of Spring so much. The light and airy colors, the flower print and the textures. 

Of course there weren´t -15 degrees outside when I wore this so keep in mind Winter looks a little different for everybody but most of us have bad weather and cold temperatures but why not wear light colors like cream colored booties and a matching shirt / jacket ensemble. Lighter and brighter colors instantly lift my mood and that is one thing that is really important in the midst and dark of the cold months.

The blouse and blazer are both H&M sale finds. They have so many great pieces at really low pieces at the moment. I always love to shop there after the holidays are over. The pants I am wearing are probably maternity already but nevertheless the denim section is full of fashionable and affordable pieces.

I try to continue wearing colorful pieces throughout the month of January and February but sometimes all I want to wear is black cause it is so dark and gloomy outside and I am just not in the mood for a pretty color. It is definitely time for the sun to come back. 

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