My top 15 beauty products for summer travels….

1 – Remington on the go hair dryer for travel
2 – Tangle Teezer mini with Lulu Guiniess design
3 – Hairclips H&M (always in my bag)
4 – The Body Shop Tea Tree make-up wipes
5 – L´oréal Paris The Nudes eyeshadow palette
6 – blotting paper from essence
7 – Nivea lotion for everything – the best (buy at drug store)
8 – refreshing shower gel – Grapefruit from Florida – Yves Rocher
9 – Body oil with shimmer particles – Yves Rocher
10 –  Coconutoil (buy at drug store)
11 – flavored water spray (buy at drug store)
12 – sun lotion (Garnier)
13 – travel mirror amazon
14 – small travel bag for medicine Douglas
15 – small pink make-up bag amazon

Hi guys,
 (post contains affiliate links/Werbung/Markennennung/Beitrag enthält Affilate Links-not sponsored)
since travel season is in its fullest and we are also on vacation in two weeks I started to get some of the beauty items together I want to take with me. We are going to travel by car so I am not really limited regarding the space or the number of things I am taking with me but lots of you are travelling by plane so I wanted to structure this unitary for everyone. 
So let´s get over to packing. Since last year I am always taking a hair dryer in travel size with me. We had the worst hair dryers even at great hotels (or none) and I just feel more comfortable using my own. I got the Remington on the go hair dryer.

 Another small zipper bag I am taking with me is this one from Douglas. It fits the theme really nice as it says “time to travel”. I am storing all the small stuff we are taking with us like medicine, my dietary supplement, cleaning wipes for glasses, scissors and tweezers etc. 

One more product I found for all the bigger bottles which don´t fit into another case is this one from amazon. It looks like the case of a sleeping bag from the outside but it really fits a lot.

Now we are heading over to the beauty department. I always purchase the products we are using in a travel size. First of all they are not as big and as heavy as the originals and they are super cute. It depends on where you are heading but make sure to take sun-protection with you. This is very important for your skin, you won´t get a sunburn in your vacation. This would be too bad.
When I am on vacation I a not using eyeshadow on a regular base so I am just taking a small palette with some nude shades like the L´oréal Paris The Nudes with me. Speaking of applying eyeshadow, the brushes I need are stored in this beautiful pink brush case.  
For removing my make-up I am taking the Tea Tree Make-up Remover Wipes from The Body Shop with me. They leave your face super clean and with a nice and fresh feeling. Also I am adjusting my face lotion to the climate whether is a dry air or the humidity is very high. To avoid breakouts caused by bacterias I am bringing my own face towels with me cause you never know what products they use for washing. 

What are your go-to products ?
Take care. See you. 

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