Recipe: Peach Buttermilk Smoothie

Hi guys 

today  I have another summer recipe for you. A light and great tasting drink. It has only a few calories per glass you drink (about 231 ) and it is a great alternative for a breakfast for example. 

So here is was you need:

4 peaches 
1/2 cup of buttermilk
1 medium ripe banana
2 spoons of honey

Take the peaches and cut them into halfs. Peel the banana.

But the fruits and the buttermilk and honey  into your kitchen mashine to puree it.

Et voila you are good to go now. Enjoy it and have a great.

Take care. See you

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Avon Cosmetics #2 Trying some new stuff

HI Guys 
latest Avon order just arrived. I unpacked it almost immidiately. So keep reading if you are interested.

First of all I have to talk about the avon senses romantic garden of eden shower gel. the smell is incredible. I am really looking forward to shower all day long now 🙂 It is a big bottle with a pump and I think it is made to last a long time but in my case I think it doesn´t.  The smell is flowery and fresh. I also have the matching after shower mist but I think it is more a lotion than a mist. It has the same smell and is also absolutely great. The skin stays hydrated and it gets very soft. The smell lasts a long time.

Now we are heading over to make up products.
I got a new foundation. The Avon ideal flawless foundation. It is a cream / powder foundation. The coverage is good. If you don´t want to you don´t even have to wear a powder. It stays matte for several hours which is very good for me because I have oily skin. It may stay a lot longer matte if you have normal or dry skin.
In their catalog they have a chart with all their make up on one side and all skin types on the other. This is like a guide which foundation is best for you. I think that this is a great idea. It helps you to find the perfect one. You can also order small samples of the colors to find a matching one.

Now we are coming to the cutest thing I have seen in a long time. A lipgloss pot. The diamond kisses lipgloss pot. It is a shimmery rose and sparkling color. The pot with the gloss in it has the form of a diamond. The consistence is a little sticky but the cuteness of it exceeds it and overall the color is really cute. 

Last but not least is a mascara.  it is the Avon mega effects mascara. I have never seen one like this before. It is kind of a tricky thing to open it. You might need some practice. I got it in the brown-black but they also have it in deepest black. It has a wide applicator to apply. The brown/black one is a nice alternative for day time. You can apply a lot of it and it doesn´t look to dark.

So that´s it for this time. Next time (hopefully soon) I got some skin care news from Avon. 
Take care. See you. 🙂
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Recipe: Greek Salad

Greek Salad : Favorite Summer Salad – Ingridients and recipe

Hi guys 

today I am telling you about my favorite summer salad. It is the greek salad. It is a delicious and refreshing summer salad. You can eat it as a sidedish to steaks or fish or as a main dish of course.
So that is what you need and how to make it: 
1 cucumber
1 feta cheese
1 glass of black olives
1 (or if you like it 2) onions
4 tomatos (i did not put tomatos in my salad this time because I really hate them)
olive oil
salad herbs
and if you like it some black pepper

Cut the cucumber, tomatos, onions and the feta cheese in small pieces. 
Put everything in a bowl plus the olives. Mix it.
Put some olive oil, salad kräuter and the pepper into the bowl and mix it baby 😉

So that´s it. Now you are ready. Good appetit.

Take care. See you 🙂

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Queen of the night !!

Hi Guys

Right on time for the weekend I am posting some photos from my  instagram account for you. My evening outfits. I picked out a few which could be worn like this the next days cause it stays hot during the days, so it won´t be as cold as usual at night.
This has been my favorite outfit for a long time. I just wore it once but I was thinking about were I could wear it again. Haven´t found another occasion yet.
It is a glittery shirt from H&M. I have worn this very often. It matches with a lot of different clothes. H&M always has a lot of shirts and blouses for evening events. You can´t go wrong with one of them.
The belt is also H&M but a very old one. It is with gold chain and black leather and at the end is has such a cute tassel. 
I purchased the skirt from New Yorker. Haven´t been there a long time since then. (From March I think) It has all kinds of different colors in the pattern. That gives you many different possibilities to combine it.
The shoes are just normal black leather heels with pointed toes. Can´t remember the store I got them but they have similar ones on the Buffalo Boots online store.
The bag is from TallyWeijl, nothing special to me any more but I thought this one was best with this outfit.

That outfit is a little special in this combination. It it such a disco queen outfit with all the silver on the pants and shoes.
The flattery top is a great contrast to the tight pants. It is a light and comfy material. A little like silk. Stays cold all the time. 
Pants and shirt both from New Yorker.
The shoes are from the Buffalo Boots store. This type of shoe is always in stock. It is one of there regular models. The bag is from Zalando online shop. I think the brand was anna field.
So go out cause: Your disco needs you……

For this top I have been searching a long time. I got it from a small store at my best friends town in Erlangen, near NĂźrnberg. I always had been into peplum tops but the most ones I tried were to short (or I was just thinking they were) I had tried so many until I found my first one. That was this one the second one I purchased was from Gina Tricot and I also like the peplum tops from H&M but the Divided brand. So finally I got a few and had a small range of different styles. 
That is the story how I got to this outfit 🙂 (Hasn´t been so easy like it looks)
The jeans are from Gina Tricot online store and so great to combine for different looks.
The bag (wasn´t sure if I can call it so, because it is soooo tiny) is H&M. They also have it in black with glitter. 
Shoes are from Schuhtempel24. That´s a online store I have been following for years. They have great shoes for evening events or going out. Not expensive at all. And there selection is growing and growing. You don´t have to spend so much money on shoes you only wear a couple hours in week (or it you have more than one pair just a couple hours in a month)

That has been my inspiration for going  out outfits for this week.

Take care. See you and have fun 🙂

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