Pink Midi Dress…


How adorable is this pink midi dress ??!! All of a sudden I just love to wear pink. The last years I haven´t really gotten any new pink additions for my closet but to be honest I just don´t know why because this year I am totally into it. 

PInk is a bright and fun color and as great nudes are sometimes it just has to be some color especially for Spring and Summer. A midi dress has always been a huge favorite of mine. There is something about the length that is elegant and feminine but still playful. 

I have worn this exact combo on Easter Sunday and it held up pretty well. Lots of space for the baby and brunch and overall a great color combination I was very pleased with. 

There are still 6 to 7 weeks left until the baby is here so I am trying really hard to find cute looks and so far it hasn´t been a huge problem but there are days in the week I just want to stay in my nightgown cause it is just so comfy. Maybe all my mamas out there can relate.

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