Stripes and Wide Leg Denim…


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There is no prettier color for Spring than yellow. I look forward to all of the yellow flowers blooming around Easter every year. Yellow is so warm and fun and welcoming and just a light and bright color.

But I do not only love yellow out in the nature, I love it in my wardrobe as well. I probably have dozens of yellow pieces which reminds me of a #14daysofyellow challenge I wanted to start. Anyways let´s have a look at this cute everyday look.

Wide leg denim has never been this popular and I was on board from the beginning on. I never liked skinny jeans and tried to wear as many bootcut or flare jeans as possible and now wide leg pants. 

The dark denim looked great in contrast with the yellow espadrilles and the yellow cute little backpack. A sweater might seem way to warm for Spring but this knit sweater was very light and thin. 

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