Summer Salad Sunday – Gnocchi Salad, Classic Noodle Salad, Watermelon Salad…


I can´t believe that this is already the second batch of salads I am sharing here on my blog. This means that 6 weeks of Summer are already over and I definitely know where the time went but I am still sad that half of our Summer time is gone already.

But let´s just enjoy the last few week along with some delicious homemade salads.


Watermelon Salad

I have never made a watermelon salad before cause I always thought the sweet of the watermelon would taste very strange in combination with spices but let me tell you, the mix of sweet and salty was soooo good I have devoured two full plates😋


– cucumber
– watermelon
– feta cheese
– pine nuts
– arugula salad
– olive oil, salt and pepper

Chop everything and mix it together in a bowl. Don’t forget to roast your pine nuts. Best to eat in two days or it will get too watery.

Trust me it is worth a try cause it’s definitely delicious.


Classic Noodle Salad

Classic Noodle Salad with mayonnaise – This one might contain different ingredients for everyone, but I am sharing how we love it most.


– small noodles
– cheese
– corn
– pickles
– onion
– leberkäse (a german type of sausage – polony would be similar)
– bell peppers
– mayonnaise
– the liquid out of the pickles glass

While the noodles are boiling to be al dente I am cutting up every ingredient into little pieces.

I let the noodles sit a little so they can cool down and then I mix everything together including the mayonnaise and the pickle liquid (start with little and add more if you like – you can’t take it back out) ans stir, stir, stir.

The spiced in the pickle liquid and some some salt are usually enough seasonning – at least for our taste.


Gnocchi Salad

This would definitely be a meal on its own but also works great for BBQ’s or potluck dinner.


– gnocchi (these are like little potatoe dumplings used for pasta dishes)
– pine nuts
– basil leaves
– grated parmesan cheese
– vinegar

Roast the pine nuts in a pan, but be careful cause they can burn real fast.
Cook the gnocchi in hot water. They are ready when they are up on the surface.
Now mix everything together in a bowl. Be careful wuth the vinegar. You can always add more but not take it away.
That’s it 🍴

As always quantities aren’t super important here.

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