Personalized Christmas Gift Ideas to order now…


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It is that time of year again and I am more excited than ever. Having small children during Christmas time is just the best. I am so so so amazed at how they take everything in for the first time and are so happy you can see their little faces shine. 

So let´s have a look at my favorite and probably only gift guide of the season. I love to gift a personalized gift cause it always has a lot more personal meaning and thoughts to it. I am sharing a few things I already have, have gifted over the years or gotten for other people.


Personalized Christmas Gifts

The Land´s End Canvas Tote – A total favorite of mine. I have several of these and they are the perfect mom, everyday and travel tote. 

For size comparison – the turquiose one is a XL and the red one is a Large.

My favorite planner I use every year. You can customize everything. 

Lily & Bean Monogramed Tote / Silhouette Portrait / Picture Mug / Customizable Heart Necklace / Personalized Travel Bag / Customizable Planner / Bistro Tile Monogram Mug / Personalized Canvas Tote / Customizable Ornament / Personalized Pouch


Easy Gift for Teachers, Neighbours, Colleagues and Friends…


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It is very easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the holidays and forget about the people who help us most. For me these are our angels of Kindergarten teachers. I wanted to share a quick and easy but also cute and useful.

I personally love a Christmas themed mug and there are plenty out there who don´t cost a fortune (the monogramm one is from Anthropologie and is about 15 Euro). The mugs are filled with a little wrapping paper at the bottom and then they are stacked with a gift card of your choice (amazon, Starbuck and any other drug store would be very useful too). Too make it extra sweet I also put in a little chocolate and  then I wrap it up in clear wrapping foil so you don´t loose a thing and it also gives you the opportunity to put cute bows onto your little gift as well. Et voilá – done. 

I also have a small reel about it. You can watch it here.

Bistro Tile Mug


The one and only Gift Guide you´ll need….


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I have decided to make one huge gift guide staring all the people I am gifting for Christmas and then this will be it. I plan on sharing lots of fun holiday ideas as well so I need the extra time for that.


The Baby Girl….

The Toddler (Girl)…


The Outdoorsy Sister-In-Law….

The Sporty Brother-In-Law…

The Whimsical  Mom / Mother-In-Law…


The Dad / Father-In-Law…


Mother´s Day Gift Guide…


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Mother´s Day is right around the corner ( exactly 6 days away) so I wanted to share a little gift guide with y´all including lot´s of pieces I would be happy to receive (or already have) plus they will arrive before Sunday so that is another yay here.

Although I think there shouldn´t just be one day where mom´s are appreciated cause we really do it all but it is nice to have a full day.

Weekender Bag // Just got this in and I love it. It is super spacious and would also make a great diaper bag is you have more children and lots of stuff to carry. It is customizable so you can also get your name or initials.

Embroidered Denim Jacket // How adorable is this embroidered and embellished denim jacket. It is pricey but I mean a denim jacket is a timeless staple and once a mom always a mom so this would work for years to come.

Mama Tumbler // This is acutally a sticker download you can stick to any kind of tumbler you would like. A great idea for a last minute gift.

Mama Sweater // I have several mom sweaters and they are great for a casual style or a at home look. Why not show that you are a mom. 

Customizable Robe // Available in lots of color and customizable on the back. You can have the name of your mom or just mom on the back. 

Rituals Set // The Sakura is my favorite of all the Rituals scents. It is subtle but oh so good and stays on for a long time. Also the sets always come in the most adorable gift boxes.

Mom Mug // A super cute mug for the everyday coffee or tea drinker.

Mom Life T-Shirt // I got this the year I became a mom and I still love it. Available in a several colors but the pink was my favorite.

Mama Necklace // I got this the time around I was pregnant with Emilia and still wear it till today. It is small and dainty and will fit in great with your everyday jewelry.

Photo Memory Box // We have thousands of photos on our phones but never print any but this would make the perfect opportunity to print out all the pretty and memorable picutres from years ago and it is also a pretty gift box to collect further pictures.

Most of the pieces are still available until Saturday. 


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