Valentine´s Day Goodies to spoil yourself or to gift…

Codello scarf / heart sunglasses / Hypnotic Poison by Dior / YSL limited edition lipstick / Zoeva brush set / Sephora matte lipstick / Kate Spade heart satchel / nailpolish Essie / manguun collection heart pullover / Beauty sweater River Island / monogram mug amazon / Ella Heart crossbody bag


Hello my holiday loving friends,

since Valentine´s Day is one of my favorite holidays I am sharing a little gift guide including sweet gifts for yourself or your begifted. We usually are going out but I think this Valentine´s we are going to stay in and enjoy ourselves while eating a huge pizza and watching Netflix (since it became so cold and snowy I barely want to go outside).

Codello heart print scarf // A scarf is a well needed accessorry in the winter so why not step up your outerwear game and wear this super cute and soft scarf with little colorful hearts all over. Combine it with your favorite color and spread some love.

Heart shapped sunglasses // We don´t have much sun over here these days but if you have or even got warm weather on Valentine´s day be sure to grab one of these. The shape is not only super trendy right now but it also fits perfectly for the holiday.

Dior perfume // I ordered this fragrance back in December and I loved it right away. Since I am more on the flowery side in terms of fragrances I wanted to have a little heavier one for the winter days. I always feel like these are the more appropriate ones in the winter. The Hypnotic Poison smells so good. It includes musk which can get too much for me quickly but it is mixed with some other lighter scents and really smells heavenly. The perfect perfume to gift.

Limited edition lipsticks // These are the cutest I have seen in a while so if you are a lipsticks lover/addict/collector be sure to get this quick cause they will sell out fast. I have gotten the Sephora one already and I love it. The color is super pigmented and also super matte and the red is so pretty.

Essie nailpolish // Red nails are a must for the day lovers.

Sweaters // No matter if you are staying at home or not be sure to grab one of these super cute sweaters. I got the purple one (going to share it in a separate outfit post very soon). I absolutely love to dress for the ocassion. Would be office appropriate with a blazer jacket and pencil skirt but you can also wear it casual with denim and booties.

Handbags // Aren´t these handbags the most prettiest you have ever seen for Valentine´s Day?? I know they are quite the investment to only use for one day. But to be honest you are not limited on days in wearing heart print. Go for the Kate Spade if you own a lot of red or/and blush pieces as this one is a real allrounder and also works for daily use.

Monogramm mug // Awesome little present for a co-worker, your mum or even a friend. These are super affordable and every letter looks different.

Zoeva pink brush set // Would be a great gift for yourself if you are a make-up lover or even to gift to a make-up loving friend. You could also get this for a Galentine´s party and divide it in two packages, one for you and one for your bestie.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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Last Minute Amazon (Prime) Christmas Gift Guide for Him + Giveaway Winner…


Good morning to all of my last minute shopper,
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men are hard to gift for cause they never want anything and if they do, they get it themselves right away??!! Truth be told. Most of the time this is the situation we have to deal with but there might be pieces they haven´t even thought about until now. The simple things are often the hardest to remember so be sure to check out this guide. Almost every article is shipped with Prime so there shouldn´t be a problem about getting it in time.

Play Station 4 // We got one about a year ago and loved it ever since. It not only is a game console but also perfect to watch YouTube videos or his favorite series on Netflix. Super versatile and a must these days.
Razor //This is super random cause every man needs a razor somehow but technology evolves every few years

The Ritual of Dao set // This Rituals gift set is perfect for men and women who don´t like the super sweet and flowery scents. It has a tart scent I absolutely adore. Got this gift set for one of the guys in our family and also a little hand lotion for myself. I would definitely recommend that as a gift or even a stocking stuffer and you can keep the pretty box.
Button down // I am aware that men don´t like to get clothes maybe because they also got clothes as a kid from their relatives.
BBQ smoker grill // The perfect gift for the outdoor cooking loving man. He can spend hour on finding out the perfect mixture of wooden chips to smoke a bunch of ribs or even throw on a teak for a quick meal and enjoy a cold beer while doing so.
Athleisure wear // People are getting more sportive every year (or at least it looks like it cause there are so many new fitness centres around here and also so many big sports retailer). So for this reason you could gift your guy a nice leisure suit or some multifunctional shirts for running or/and the gym. There are so many great brands and pieces. Something for everyone. He doesn´t have to wear a pair of big bulky grey sweats to the gym anymore.

Scarf // A classic and warm addition to any winter outfit and also available in so many colors. An absolute must-have. Would also make a great stocking stuffer.

Leather bag for work // A good quality, good looking bag that holds everything from a notebook to water bottles, pens to business cards. Period.

Watch // Being out and about or at work most of the time it is best not to loose track of time. I know that most of the people nowasays use their phone to get the time but a watch transmits such a sophistication and professinality I personally love.

Date Night shoes // It doesn´t hurt owning a pair of nice leather shoes besides your eveyday work footwear or your sneakers. A pair of good quality leather shoes for date nights, theatre visits and holiday gettogethers as well as for weddings and other formal ocassions.

Bath robe // Who doesn´t want to stay cozy while staying at home?!

This was my last gift guide for this season. Be sure to check out the others:

Are you already done Christmas shopping ?

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

Neutrogena Body Lotion Giveaway Set: Valerie T. + Colleen B. 

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Huge Christmas Gift Guide for her – traveller / homebody / boss lady / luxe girl…


Hello friends,
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since we are in the middle of December which means only a little more than one week to go until Christmas I am sharing a huge gift guide for her today. Summing up the different types of women to give you the best gift advice I possible can. I  really hope these guides help to find a little something for the loved people in your love during the most wonderful time of the year. 


The Traveller 

Luggage set // I personally prefer a luggage set with matching pieces over anyhting. It is just easier to recognize it between the hundreds of pieces and it look much more put together than carrying around several different pieces. Also if you are opting to get a new set of luggage for someone I would recommend any other color than black. Way easier to spot at the baggage claim.

Luggage tag // A nice gift to complement the luggage set above or to give single as a stocking stuffer. You can choose between your favorite metals like silver, gold or rose gold.

Luggage scale // Guys, this is a game changer. I always had packing problems in terms of the weight of my luggage but this little and light gadget is the perfect addition for travelling. No more overweight to pay for or repacking at the airport. Your gifted person is really going to appreciate that.

Bluetooth headphones // As exciting travelling can be, planes/trains can be annoying. People chatting (louder than they should), children screaming (normal but depends on my day to ignore it), the buzzing of the turbines and wearing a pair of earphones to block out the noise can hurt after quite the time (or maybe it is just me). So I am really recommending a pair of bluetooth headphones. No cables attached. Soft ear molds and noise cancelling.

Longchamp Le Pliagé // This gift idea is probably totally random but a girl can never have to many bags and with that said there shouldn´t be no further explanation necessary. The Pliagé makes the perfect travel bag cause it is super versatile, good looking and durable. Also the size (Shopper size L with the long handles) is perfect to travel with and a zipper at your travel bag is an absolute must. Also the amount of different colors to choose from doesn´t hurt either.

 Pouch // I love to stay organized at home as well as for travelling (or even more when travelling, imaging a long line behind you starting to get displeases cause you can´t find your passport or ticket). So for this reason I always carry several pouches in my travel bag to make sure I can find the right category as quick as possible.

Jewelry Travel Box // Same goes here as for the above. Staying organized with your jewelry means quick access to bracelets and necklaces without detangling them first.

Cashmere wrap // If your gifted gal is travelling a lot by plane or by train a cashmere wrap is golden. You can not control the air conditioning like in your own car and so it is easy to get cold and also wearing your big winter jacket for the whole time isn´t the comfiest choice as it is super bulky and restricts you a lot.

Travel mug // Travelling mostly starts early in the day, doens´t matter if you are going by car or by plane so what better than saving some minutes from drinking your coffee at home. Just fill in your coffee into your coffee travel mug and you are good to go. There is always time to drink your coffee on the way.


The Homebody

Crazy Rich Girlfriend series // I still have some books to read but these will definitely be the next series I am going to order. This set would make such a nice gift to someone who loves to read and the three books cost about 25 Euro together so it isn´t expensive at all.

Book clips // A nice gift to complete the one above cause everyone hates it when you loose the page to read on in your book.

Bluetoothspeaker // If your gifted
person is a little like me and mostly needs a background noise this is the
perfect gift. Easy to be linked to your phone and also much more power saving
than having on the TV the whole day.

Soft blanket // The best feeling is cuddliing up on a sofa in a super soft blanket while
watchig TV or reading a book. Being comfortable is just such a treat and for me
it always has a total welness factor. Also this cozy faux fur blanket acts as
super trendy winter decor. 

Coffee mug // I personally have my preferred coffee mugs I tend to use all the time. This beautiful mug would make an awesome gift with its watercolor monogram print. So whimsical.
Slippers // What else than to say that they are super soft and warm and everyones needs a pair which is possible cause it is available in so so many different colors.

Jo Malone candle // Gifting a candle to a homebody is for sure a win. Since they are
spending so much time at home a candle is a real win. First of all most of the
highend candles have such a luxe look to them so they totally function for
decoration and second of all, the scent is intense so you can smell it in the
whole house. That is something I truly love cause only a really good candle is
able to do that.
Leisure suit // Spending as much quality time at home as possible requires
comfortable clothing. You don´t want to come home from work and still wear your
suit while sitting on the sofa and reading a book. So comfy clothing like a
leisure suit would be the best. 


The Boss Lady

The Carrer Code // If you have a girl who totally nails the Boss Lady theme or is making her way up there this would be a great present. Knwoledge is everything in this field and learning more is even better. A nice and informative book can help a lot. And also if you already knew a lot of it there is always something important you are not thinking of.

ChiChi Fan Notebook bag // I have been loving the brand for years and would never trade my bright and orange city bag for anything else. They have an amazing quality and super soft leather so why not gift the Boss Lady in your life a classic and high-grade new laptop bag with lots of storage for daily things too. The bag has a separate side pocket for your notebook and you can also carry your daily belongings or files or charger with you. Lots of space in a stylish place.

Erin Condren Life Planner // I think this would be a nice gift for all of the different lady types but it mostly fits here as there are many many appointments, deadlines and to-do´s on a daily base. I got my first Erin Condren planner this year and I loved it the minute I unpacked it. This can be personalized to the littlest detail and if you know what your lady loves this is a total hit.

Reisenthel Lunch Basket // I personally loved my lunch bag ever since I was in elementary school. Having all of your food in one place ready to be eaten when you get hungry. Since then my lunch bag changed into a little lunch basket but that is only becaus I carry more stuff with me. The Reisenthel basket carries my lunch, breakfast, tea and water for the day and also holds a few more little things like cutlery, my phone charger and tissues. In my opinon the perfect addition to your everyday work day.

Ralph Lauren tote bag // Ralph Lauren is the epitome of American classcis and workwear – at least for me. They have the most classic and chic pieces even if it is their casual line. But the pieces can be really pricey so I couldn´t be more happy that they have an affordable line called Lauren by Ralph Lauren. A satchel bag makes the ultimate work bag. Size – check. Both handle opitions – check. Separated compartments to avoid clutter – check. Also Lauren hand bags are available in luxurious leather and the most beautiful classic colors. Perfect gift for a Boss Lady beginner as well as a pro.

Manolo Blahnik BB 70 // Wearing heels for work can be tricky. The height probably depends on how much you are walking around or how much you are used to wearing heels. I would suggest a classic and high-quality pair with a middle long heel in a nude or black shade. Fits great with everything. It pricey but if you need to wear heels every day or want to and don´t want something to fancy I would recommend a pointed toe pumps over any other.

 iPad // If your lady isn´t quite the notebook fan for on the go to check mails and keep informed about what´s going on an iPad would probably be the more preferred item. Available in several colors and sizes for eveybody´s needs this could make the perfect gift.

Katie Loxton iPad case // Perfect addition to the gift above or even as a gift on its own. Katie Loxton has the most beautiful little pouches and iPad cases I have seen in quite a while.

Pocket mirror // From checking your teeth after lunch to apply some lipstick for a work dinner or afterwork get together to see how your hair looks in the back a pocket mirror is worth gold.


The Luxe Girl

Valentino Rockstud bag // Looks luxury as hell and also is. A very special gift for your spouse.

Badgley Mischka jewel pumps // Shiny. Luxe. Exclusive. The perfect shoe for every glam girl to wear during the holiday, nights or every day. This is definitely an eyecatcher.

Tarte Rainforest eyeshadow palette // Luxe and super soft powder. Highly pigmented. Long lasting and so beautiful. Also the packaging looks so luxe.

Stuart Weitzman Highland boots // The epitome of the overknee boots. Hyped to the sky and always on point. Also they are always gone pretty fast so be sure to order in time.

H&M Sequined Dress // There probably isn´t anything more glam than a sequin dress. The whole sequin dress look can´t be pulled of by anyone and only real glam girls know how to do it in a professional way. If she is a real one she will love your for her new sequin pieces as there can´t be to many of them.

Guerlain Rouge lipstick + gold cap or pink cap // This is a super cool and personal gift. First of all you can´t go wrong with a classic red lipstick from a luxe brand and second of all

Hunter Original Refined Boots // Why wear normal rain boots when you can have them in patent and stitched optic. The extra special for your luxe girl.

Gucci turban metallic + flowers // A glam girl probably also has bad hair days like we all do but what would be bettern than plaicng a turban over your hot mess of hair and looking super chic and luxe.

Swarovski Silver Tone earrings // I got the rose gold version of these as my wedding earrings and you can totally be sure that they leave you fell very luxe and glamorous.

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