Easy Dessert Recipe – Chocolate covered Strawberries…


Hitting June next week means we are officially in strawberry season. Strawberries are amongst other berries my favorite fruit and I love them with eveything and on anything but the easiest and probably prettiest of all Strawberry dessert options are chocolate covered strawberries. 

Why are they the best ? First of all the are covered in chocolate, second of all it is a super easy and quick dessert idea and third I don´t know anyone who wouldn´t like this.

I used dark chocolate for this but you could use any type you like. Just melt it down and cover your strawberries as you like half or the whole fruit.

To make the dish extra delightful I went and made a delicous dip. You don´t have to cause they taste amazing on their own but I thought a little luscious side cream won´t hurt. It is made from whipped cream and marcarpone plus I added one teaspoon of vanilla sugar.

That´s it. A super easy thing for those long Summer evenings you don´t want to waste hours in the kitchen preparing for guests. 

I am going to share another Reel tomorrow but I am still not sure what theme. So check it out my Instagram if you are interested.

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