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I love an organized space. There is just something so comforting about a tidied up and organized area in our home. I could stare at it for hours. Yes I am definitely weird in that way. 

I have already shared the girl´s decor so for today´s post I wanted to share how I organized their clothes and also other stuff like medicine, diapers and so on.

Let´s start with the closet. It is the Pax from Ikea and I have just customized it for our purposes. I got two clothes rails, one for Emilia and one for Helena to hang all of their dresses, shirt and overalls. 

The shelves are for baskets where I put the girl´s clothes in like socks, bows, onesies and pants. They are still small and all of their stuff is folded and fits in the baskets. The black labels are from amazon and easy to assemble. To add a little more aesthetics I added the golden lettering. 

About the baskets. I have searched up and down to get 4 in a row but I just could not find any that matched my needs so I went with 3 big and 1 small.

The big chest on top of the closet is for Emilia´s Summer clothes which still fit. It is a great storage option as well as a cute decor piece.

The cute boxes under the diaper changing table are from Ikea as well and they hold bathing suits and swimm diapers. 

In the drawers are diapers, wipes and changing pads. 


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