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I am back with another recap of my tried and tested beauty products from the last two months. Wow – time is indeed moving fast. There had been some pieces I got for Christmas and some I got as a Christmas present but they are still available and in fact have not much to do with Christmas.

Weleda almond face lotion
I am almost always on the search for a new face lotion which works for my skin. I have tried from oils to mists to water-based lotions and somehow I haven´t found a product I am satisfied yet. I got this face lotion from Weleda about six weeks ago and I do like it. It is for combination skin which I have and it hydrates my skin enough to not wake up to itching skin in the morning BUT the smell is so bad. Do you remember playing wiht PlayDo as a child? This immediately reminded me of that. Same smell as the modeling clay I played with when I was a child.

IsaDora Cover Up foundation and concealer in color 62 nude
This was one product I was lucky to get cause it is awesome. I have never used this brand before so I wasn´t quite interested in getting their products but my MIL gave a product sample to me at the beginning of December which matched my skin color perfectly, so I gave it a try and I have been using it ever since. Already got the full size. The coverage of this product is awesome. You only need one and a half (or even just one pump, depends on what tool you are using to apply) pump of foundation and it covers your skin evenly and hides blemishes or red spots perfectly. I am using nude and the color works perfectly for me. You can´t tell a difference The only tiny downside is, that it needs to set in for about 5 minutes. So you should really wait a little before applying powder or blush.
essence lash princess sculpted volume mascara
This one was a recommendation of a beauty blogger (Emily from The Sweetest Thing). She was raving about it on her Instagram and so I thought I might give it a try cause I only have one mascara I like and use. This product is great. I don´t know if it is the formula or the brush by itself or those two combined but it makes the perfect mascara. She told that this one would sell out quickly and she was right. It took me about 4 weeks to find it. For 3 Euros you can´t go wrong so be sure to get some back-ups too cause you don´t want to miss using this product.

Estée Lauder Sumptous Volume Lifting mascara
If you don´t have a budget you have to look at or you wan´t to splurge on a mascara I would definitely recommend this mascara. I have tried it the weeks before I got the one from essence and I loved it just as much. It shapes your lashes perfectly and gives them more length. The brush also divides all the hairs so it looks like you have a super thick lashes. It is about 25 Euro but it lasts a long time so I would definitely recommend this one.

MAC satin lipstick in color Snob
I am a huge lover of all lipsticks and especially when it comes to MAC lipsticks I am out of my mind. Since I am a frequent reader of Pink Peonies and this is Rachel´s favorite color to wear I ordered it too cause I loved the look of the color on her pictures. She combined it with the MAC lipliner in color Soar but I didn´t end up liking the combo since the frame around your lips is in a much darker shade then and I never was a fan of this trend but I love both color and I am using them frequently but not combined. The lipstick has a satin finish which is a really nice change to all the matte lipsticks I´ve been using on a daily base. Also the color is such a nice and fresh pink shade but it has a little blueish undertone.

MAC lipliner in Soar
This was the first lipliner I ever purchased from MAC and I really love it. It works for many of my darker pink lipsticks. You could also use it as a lipstick too cause it last pretty long and the color is a matte one which is so trenday and it doesn´t dry out your lips at all.

MAC strobe cream
I got this as a little giveaway for my Black Friday order. It is the perfect size for travel. I am using it for my under eye area and I have been loving it so far. This size is about 18 Euro and it might last pretty long cause you only need a teeny tiny bit of this product otherwise you are shining really bad. This mostly has its use at the end of the week cause I am getting more tired every day and this creates a nice glow. Would definitely recommend this.

Essie nail polish Angora Cardie and Jamaica Me Crazy
Of course there had to be two new nailpolishes this month – what only two!! – but I have my eye on Spring colors too now. 
I got the color Angora Cardie the most posted color on the whole social media scene – so I might be the last person who got this color so late. It is kind of a dark dusty rose shade and I love it. The color is so so pretty. In fact it suits for every season and I now understand why the color is so famous.
Another one I got was the color Jamaica Me Crazy. In fact I didn´t want this one first cause I actually  went for Bahama Mama but I already had a similar shade. Jamaica me crazy is the perfect mixture of pink and purple and it love that it has a metallic finish. After all the mattes everywhere it is time to get some new glam onto my nails.

Gucci Bloom perfume
I got this for Christmas and I love it. I already used it before cause I got small samples from time to time and the smell is just too delicious. It is fresh and flowery but with a hint of sweetness. Also the flacon reminds of the 70´s style.  

Wella Wellaflex volume spray
 Bought this at the drug store cause my mom stole my Living Proof volume product and I needed one right away so I couldn´t wait for the order to arrive. In fact it is pretty good for the price. I think it is about 4 Euro. I used it after washing my hair and then I dried my hair upside down and after combing through the volume stayed. But you should be careful with the amount your are using cause if it is too much it kind of glues your hair together and leavea such a gross sticky feel.

L´occitane hand creme
This was a great find. I got a sample size to try it out and found the hand creme of my dreams. The smell is awesome. Just so good and it is really thick and nourishing. I am always on the hunt for a great hand cream since working with dry paper the whole day makes my hands so dry that they start hurting from time to time. The price is a little high but I definitely would recommend this if you want something great smelling and nourishing at once.

Is there anything you want me to try ?

I have been ordering some new products already. 

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.
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