Black and White Cake Pops…


I am not much of a candy gal but cupcakes, cookies and of course doughnuts have my heart. If I make any of these I am a 100 % sure I am going to eat more of them than I anticipated but I just can´t stop until they are gone. So I am not making these kinds of sweets often but last week Emilia wanted to have a cake pop and since you can´t get them anywhere I decided to make some at home.

They have been very easy to make although they look very complicated but there are only a few simple steps to follow and you have yourself some cake pops. You can make them as colorful as you like but I went with classic black and white ones today. They would look very pretty at a roaring 20´s party for example.

Now let´s talk about the few steps that will lead you to your delicous cake pop. First of all make the cake. I have used this recipe twice already and it works out great every time. Then make your frosting. You are crumbling up the baked cake to add the frosting and make little balls, stick the cake pop sticks into them. After that I put them in the fridge for about two hours. In the meantime I am melting the chocolate I need and get the decorations ready cause the chocolate hardens fast and you will get your sprinkles and mini marshmallows on there quickly.

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