White Denim for Summer…


There is only a short period left to wear white denim – at least the bootcut kind cause with the ugly and rainy Fall weather the pants will get so dirty it is just not worth it.

So with no further ado I am sharing this cute white denim outfit. I love to dress colorful in the Summer. It reflects all the beautiful colors of blossoms and flowers from the most colorful months.

Yellow is a huge favorite of mine and I love to wear it in the Summer months. I recently came across a cute color combo. Yellow and blush. I mean how adorable are these two colors together. 

The striped colorful cardigan is such a nice addition to the whole look but I totally understand if it is too hot where you life. It was a cooler day when I wore this but these days it would be too hot as well. Craving Fall so bad and can´t wait for the weather to get cooler.

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