Casual Saturday #26….


Hi guys and happy Spring,

I know the official first day of Spring has passed already but the weather was so bad you wouldn´t believe that it was Spring but this week was awesome. Temperatures where around 20° degrees the whole time and the sun was out every day. Almost to nice to spend my day at work.

In fact there wasn´t a lot besides work that I did. Monday was still a holiday so we where at home and entertained Chloé and on Tuesday we went back to work. Wednesday was my dad´s birthday but since he doesn´t want to celebrate my mom and I went Line dancing. 

Yesterday we went into the city for a cup of coffee, a champagne ice cream cup and a Zara round. Got some stuff you are going to like guys.

And today we need to go the home department store to get some plants and other stuff for our patio/garden and I also have to pick up my car from the workshop. 

Later in the evening we might be going out with Florian´s uncle which is visiting Regensburg for the weekend.
Since Easter is over I am back to my regular posting schedule so let´s have a look at the week in posts.
Monday – Platform sneakers and pink….
Tuesday – Navy ruffles and white….
Wednesday – Wedding Wednesday – my wedding shoes….
Thursday – Flower print pants and bell sleeve top….
Friday – Top 6 shoe trends for Spring….
 Seems like shoes have been the overall topic this week.
Wishing everyone a nice and warm weekend. Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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