My top Beauty Tools of 2019…

beauty review, top 6 of 19, hair tools, beauty tools, beauty, polka dot dress, hairdryer, t3 curling wand, girly style, maternity style

beauty review, top 6 of 19, hair tools, beauty tools, beauty, polka dot dress, hairdryer, t3 curling wand, girly style, maternity style

beauty review, top 6 of 19, hair tools, beauty tools, beauty, polka dot dress, hairdryer, t3 curling wand, girly style, maternity style


Hello and welcome back to my blog,

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since I haven´t done much to review the year of 2019 I decided to at least share my favorite in 2019 discovered beauty tools with you. They all have helped me tremendously in getting ready everyday and overall made life a lot easier.

So I am starting right away. 

Top 6 Beauty Tools of 2019

One Step Hair Dryer Brush // I have seen the Revlon one step hair dryer brushes all over and everybody who was testing it was quite satisfied so I finally wanted to order one for myself and guess what – they had been sold out everywhere I looked so I went on amazon and found this dupe version of it for a much better price and I love it. I can´t tell if it has the exact same amount of power but it looks very similar and the end result is the same. I always hated to dry my hair after washing it and went to bed with wet hair an uncountable amount of times which ended in really bad hair or still wet hair the next morning. So this tool definitely makes my live easier and it does it quick too.

Mini Fan // This helped a lot to dry my setting spray after doing my make-up and I use it every time. Saves a lot of time. 

Remington Hot Rollers // I had these for a  few years not but started using them again a lot this year. They are the easiest way to get a lot of volume into your hair that stays the day. 

T3 Curling Wand // I actually got this for Christmas last year and it has been my most used tool ever since. I curl my hair once a week and my curls last about 4 to 5 days. The wand has three different barells but I only used the middle one so far. This product is pricey but in my opinion it is totally worth it. 

LED Make-Up Mirror // Great tool if you are doing your make-up in dark spaces or in the early mornings were there is no light at all. I have a very similar version to this mirror and use it daily. It runs on batteries but they last pretty long. It has a touch screen and also comes with an extra mini mirror with a 10 times enlargement.

Jade Roller // A jade roller is the perfect tool if you want to depuff your eyes in the morning and also get the eye cream in really deep. If you store it in your fridge it is even better for your under eye area as the cold helps with the swelling and shrinking your pores. They are super affordable but of course you can also get the crystal versions for a lot more money. They look cute but I honestly doubt that they have a different effect.

Most of the pieces are off from amazon which means they are in for prime shipping. I am going to do another tops from 19 post regarding my personal best beauty products for you.

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A look back at 2019 – my top ten most read posts…


Hi you guys,

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I have decided I am not doing a full review of my year cause these are everywhere to find these days and it can get overwhelming and annoying very quickly. So I have decided to round up my top 10 blog posts from last year.

#10 – Details on my wedding dress


#9 – White poncho and burgundy


#8 – Valentine´s Day Goodies 


#7 – My Amazon Buys – Feburary


#6 – Turning 29


#5 – A classic red lip


#4 – Our honeymoon in Santa Ponsa, Spain


#3 – Weekend in Leipzig, Germany


#2 – Unboxing new beauty products – Sephora and more


#1 – Easter brunch table scape covered in tulips

As you can see it is a colorful mix of topics this year not only fashion. I love to share home and travel details with you guys as well as fashion and beauty. Beauty in general has become a huge favorite of mine as I had/wanted to switch out certain prodcuts because of my pregnancy but I am going to share a lot more of it in the next weeks. My top nine Instagram posts are below. With some of them I was really surprised but I guess that is the fun on these kind of things. You never know what comes out of it.

I hope you enjoyed my top ten blog post recap. I have shared the link to each post under the picture so you can read the full post if you like as well. 

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Merry Christmas…

… to all and to all a good night.

I am wishing you the best Chrsitmas for you and your family, friends and loved ones and wanted to thank all of my readers for the support and the tagging along the way.

And a huge thank you to all of my sponsored partnerships. I don´t take any for granted and working on to make the next year even better than this one.

Have a merry and save holiday.

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