Why we love vacationing at Lake Garda…


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We love Lake Garda! I have been visiting for about 15 years and still love it. It is such a mediteranian place but still so close (about 5 hour drive) to home. There is something about the Italian way of life, the little old towns, the Italian food, the history and of course the huge lake.

Every time we go we drive to our favorite restaurant and have lunch there. It is right at the shore and waves crash against the little stones, the water smells so fresh and the lake breeze goes through your hair. This is when we have finally arrived at our vacation destination.

There are several places we always visit when we are there. The same cities and same coffee shops but we always make sure to also go to new places we have never seen.






We exit the highway at Lago di Garda South which means we are on the east side of the lake about in the middle. The charmful little cities are all close and reachable by car. Parking places are available everywhere. We love that everything is close together either way you are driving. The cities we love to stay or visit are Bardolino, Lazise, Garda, Peschiera del Garda and Sirmione. We have stayed in Sportsman Creola, Lazise, Bardolino, Peschiera and Castelnuovo. 


There are so many different activites you can do at Lake Garda. Besides lying at the pool of course. If you want a little more action there are plenty of things to do on land as well as on the water. Of course they are all charged seperately. We headed to Gardaland with the kids this time and it was amazing. I have also done parasailing and it was a great experience but you shouldn´t be afraid of heights. Another thing we did was rent a bike which is a great way to get around faster but keep in mind that there are lots of people around which doesn´t make it easy. 


Rent a boat 

Rent a bike / scooter

Gardaland Theme Park


Caneva World

Take the ferry

Sea Life

Olive Oil Museum (I love to add this all the time cause it is such a funny thing)



Rock´n Roll Dinner Show – Right after the Movieland you can book different dinner shows where there is food and entertainment.

There have opened up a lot of different restaurants over the last few years. You can now have Bohemian cuisine, of course Italian, Sushi, a nice Burger and there is also a MC Donalds. 

Of course all the great waterfront restaurants are Italian cuisine but that mustn´t be bad am I right. Prices are pretty normal in my opinion. You can choose from noodles, pizza, fish or meat dishes to salads and lots of desserts. Keep in mind Italians normally eat noodles as a first course so the serving won´t be as big as you´d expect it. Meat and fish always comes alone. You have to order the side extra.

If you are sitting down during the day or later in the evening most of the restaurants will get you snacks with your beverage. For example you order a glass of wine and you get a plate with nuts, olives, crisps and little sandwiches.

If you are looking for a small snack or lunch there are plenty of options to buy a piece of pizza or a panini on the way or at restaurants, bars. 

Overall restaurants are very kid friendly cause the Italians really like children and they also don´t mind if you are sitting outside at a bar with kids.

The choices on ice-cream are incredible everywhere you go and there are definitely flavors I have never heard. The prices are very reasonable and the ice-cream just tastes fresher and better than anywhere else. Sirmione is THE ice-ceram mekka of Lake Garda.



There are many opportunities to get rid of your money at Lake Garda. I personally have two shops I like to frequent when we are there other than that I love the local market. They have such a great variety of clothes, leather goods like shoes, handbags and belts. Toys of course for the little ones. The prettiest ceramic pieces you have ever seen and table cloths. 

Local Market

Little Shops

Shopping Center


Our Little Coffee Corner at Home…


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I just love my morning coffee. It is one of the little things I cherish everday over and over. The first sip of coffee is like a huge burst of energy running through my veins I just can´t describe this feeling. Also in my opinion the first coffee of the day tastes best. No matter where you get it in which way you decide to drink it. I always have a black coffee with a splash of fat free milk but if we are out for breakfast I´ll get a cappuccino and if we are at Starbucks I´ll usually have a vanilla latte. 3 super boring coffee orders but that´s just me. I like it simple and sometimes with a little twist.

Now let´s move on to our coffee corner I have created over the years we have lived in our house and to this day I think it is the perfect spot to make my morning coffee. I can wait for the coffee maker to heat up while breathing in fresh morning air from the window besides and I can also have a look outside how the weather is doing (or sometimes what the neighbours are doing 😉 ).

We have a very simple coffee maker and it is totally fine. There are different coffee pads you can purchase, also from huge coffee brands like Dallmayr or Jacobs. Another option you also have is a hot chocolate version which is also very yummy and calorie reduced cause it is made with hot water.

I personally love to have a clear theme so I got a coffee picture, some coffee themed books and a coffee candle that turned out to be the best smelling candle I have ever lit. The customized go-to Starbucks cups are from etsy. You can shop them here. The black and white mugs add some contrast. Now the upper shelf contains a cute fake plant and a wooden box where all of my teas are in. The white travel mug is from Emsa and my favorite brand. Never leaks and keeps my coffee hot.

The shelving system is Ikea. The shelves are called Burhult and the holder are called Ramshult.



Homemade Sparkly Lemonade for Summer…

soda stream, diy lemonade, sparkling summer drinks, summer drinks, mocktails, kitchen decor

soda stream, diy lemonade, sparkling summer drinks, summer drinks, mocktails, kitchen decor

soda stream, diy lemonade, sparkling summer drinks, summer drinks, mocktails, kitchen decor

soda stream, diy lemonade, sparkling summer drinks, summer drinks, mocktails, kitchen decor

soda stream, diy lemonade, sparkling summer drinks, summer drinks, mocktails, kitchen decor

soda stream, diy lemonade, sparkling summer drinks, summer drinks, mocktails, kitchen decor

soda stream, diy lemonade, sparkling summer drinks, summer drinks, mocktails, kitchen decor

soda stream, diy lemonade, sparkling summer drinks, summer drinks, mocktails, kitchen decor


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Who else is always hot in the Summer and constantly looking for a refreshment. This can be a little inflatable pool in your garden with ice cold water or the air condition in your car but also a delicious refreshing drink.

How To

I personally enjoy a carbonated drink over any other so we have been using the Soda Stream for a few years now to always have fresh and sparkly water at home.

In both of my pregnancies I had to stay as sugar free as possible because of the gestational diabetes so I have looked for other ways to get some flavor into my drinks cause soft drinks were not allowed. I have found out that Soda Stream offers lots of sugar free syrups so I got a bunch and tried them. To be honest I was very surprised cause what I got tasted pretty good. Started with Berry and Cherry I also got Orange (tastes like Fanta) and Lemon (tastes like Sprite). They also offer a Coke syrup but I am team Diet Coke for life so there is no way I am going to try this.

The handling of the Soda Stream is very easy. You take your bottle and fill it with tap water and then put it into the Soda Stream. There is a button on top and you can press it as often as you like. It gets more and more carbonated with each push. We do around 4 to 6 but we like it sparkly. 

I am not drinking much alcohol in the Summer. It is just too hot and I don´t need to add anything that makes me sweat. Also with being pregnant and breastfeeding there was no room for alcohol as well so I tried to pimp my sparkly lemonade with little cocktail umbrellas, slices of citrus fruits, colorful straws and fancy glasses. Gotta tell you it is a total mood booster to hold a fancy drink in my hand. 

It also helps to prevent plastic garbage cause you won´t by nearly as much beverages as you have before. Definitely  a plus to help keeping the environment cleaner.

Are you a fan of sparkly drinks ? Have you ever heard of Soda Stream?



What I put in our Nurse´s baskets…


FYI: I prepared this blog post before our baby girl arrived so there would still be fresh content on the blog while I am taking a break from blogging. That’s why you’ll still see me pregnant or referencing my pregnancy in some upcoming blog posts!


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Putting the nurses basket together was really fun. I love making gift baskets and also enjoyed it this time (I have actually also made a huge basket to take with me when I went to hospital with Emilia but I have never gotten around to share it and after a few months I didn´t even find the photos anymore but I loved how the nurses loved the surprise and little things I got for them). The day I finished the basket actually was the day I went into labour. Maybe it was because this was the last thing to finish and after that I was mentally ready for her to be here.

So this time it definitely didn´t do anyhting for me other than feeling very accomplished. I made two baskets this time around cause the labour and delivery ward is another than the postpartum station and there are wonderful people in both areas that care for you and the baby.

I got lots of little but “practical” things for the baskets. And before you get to me this is not meant to be that everybody gets a piece of everything. It is the idea of taking some little things that you might want/need at that moment like a sweet treat, some gum, a hair tie or even just a pen. 

What I put into the nurses baskets

 – lip blam

 – hand cream

 – gum

 – giotto

 – notepad

 – pencils

 – hair accessories

 – trail mix

These are just some things you could get but there are a thousands more like little coffee cans, gift cards, hand sanitizers and many many more. I think you get where I am going to.

Do you like the idea of giving the hospital staff a little something for their efforts? I know that it is their work but it isn´t it nice to be valued as well??!!