The black and white Series #1-3

Hi guys

After I posted outfit pics almost every day I was thinking about something special. I decided to make a black and white series. I got a lot black and white dresses and skirts (I think inspired by my mom: she wears a lot of black)

So here are the first three outfits.

B&W s #1

This was a outfit I had worn in the city for running some errands. I really like the blouse. Very soft and comfortable material. And also light for summers to wear. The skirt is a light denim material with a slit upfront.
The bag has the famous modern and in trapez form. I like this one very much. Got the same style in two colors. The bag is from the mango only shop. Shoes are old, I do not know where I bought them anymore. 

Blouse H&M
Bag Mango
Skirt old
Shoes old

BaW s #2

This one I have worn at work this week. A nice alternative to a summer dress. The white lace shirt is light for summer. The pattern on the shirt are little flowers. The skirt is a flared skirt. My favorit style for summer. It swings with every step you take. I do like this a lot. The bag is my only white bag so that is the reason I am mostly wearing this one in the black and white series. And this bag was very hard to find for me. I have ordered a lot of different ones but I didn´t like any of them until this one. Finally because I almost gave up on this problem.

Shirt M&L Jeans
Skirt H&M
Shoes even&odd (from the Zalando online store)
Bag Bruno Banani
Belt old (from my moms closet)

B&W s #3

That was my friday going out for dinner outfit. I like star patterns a lot. I do not really know why, but when thy first came out I was really obsessed and bought almost everything with a star pattern. The skirt is lightweighty and has a black underskirt until my knees and the rest is a transparent kind a tulle material. Great for summer. The sandals are H&M from their last years collection. They look very chic and are a good choice for evening outfits. The bag is the same like in the most picutres where a white bag fits. Have mentioned that above. The watch is a Omega constellation. That was a christmas present from my parents. Absolutely love this watch.

Blouse New Yorker
Skirt Orsay
Shoes H&M
Bag Bruno Banani
Watch Omega Constellation

Take care. See you 🙂
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e.l.f. – Trying new products

Hi guys

today my newest purchase arrived. Some wild mixes up stuff. Just looked for the colors. Lately I am obsessed with pink and I don´t know why. It could be of the upcoming summer and all the feelings that come with it.

I deciced to get 2 new nail polishes in muted colors. One is in “dessert haze”, a light grey and beige tone. The other one is in “champagne” , a kind of coraly orange with a . Haven´t tried them yet. Still wearing the bright pink from Avon. It lasts too long. 🙂

I also got 2 lipsticks from e.l.f in “charming” a lighter rose color and “sociable” a bright and shiny pink. They are shiny lipsticks but not sparkly.  In my opinion the lips stay hydrated. The color does not last so long  (in comparison to other brands) but it is still okay for the price. And “important” it does not have the cheap smell anymore.

Next product is a bronzer in the color “golden”it is the lighter one. it is split in 4 colors, all shimmery nudes and light browns with golden sparkles in it. It is very nice for highlighting. if you have very pale skin like me it is great to use it know for highlighting or as a blush.  I like how it changes colors by every use. 

The last one is  a small jar with powder in it. It is called the High Definition Undereye Setting Powder. Kind of a magic item for tired mornings and days or for long evenings. Maybe it is the pendant to the dark circle erasers or the under eye roll-ons. it comes with a small brush but this one is really crap. Way to hard and stiff for under eye area.

So after this quick review about e.l.f. cosmetics I am really surprised. I have waited a couple year to set a new order because the packaging has changed completely. And I think the quality is also much better than a few years ago. 

Maybe I am going to get some new different stuff from their website but first I want to try some other things.

So take care and see you soon.
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Recipe: Peach Buttermilk Smoothie

Hi guys 

today  I have another summer recipe for you. A light and great tasting drink. It has only a few calories per glass you drink (about 231 ) and it is a great alternative for a breakfast for example. 

So here is was you need:

4 peaches 
1/2 cup of buttermilk
1 medium ripe banana
2 spoons of honey

Take the peaches and cut them into halfs. Peel the banana.

But the fruits and the buttermilk and honey  into your kitchen mashine to puree it.

Et voila you are good to go now. Enjoy it and have a great.

Take care. See you

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Avon Cosmetics #2 Trying some new stuff

HI Guys 
latest Avon order just arrived. I unpacked it almost immidiately. So keep reading if you are interested.

First of all I have to talk about the avon senses romantic garden of eden shower gel. the smell is incredible. I am really looking forward to shower all day long now 🙂 It is a big bottle with a pump and I think it is made to last a long time but in my case I think it doesn´t.  The smell is flowery and fresh. I also have the matching after shower mist but I think it is more a lotion than a mist. It has the same smell and is also absolutely great. The skin stays hydrated and it gets very soft. The smell lasts a long time.

Now we are heading over to make up products.
I got a new foundation. The Avon ideal flawless foundation. It is a cream / powder foundation. The coverage is good. If you don´t want to you don´t even have to wear a powder. It stays matte for several hours which is very good for me because I have oily skin. It may stay a lot longer matte if you have normal or dry skin.
In their catalog they have a chart with all their make up on one side and all skin types on the other. This is like a guide which foundation is best for you. I think that this is a great idea. It helps you to find the perfect one. You can also order small samples of the colors to find a matching one.

Now we are coming to the cutest thing I have seen in a long time. A lipgloss pot. The diamond kisses lipgloss pot. It is a shimmery rose and sparkling color. The pot with the gloss in it has the form of a diamond. The consistence is a little sticky but the cuteness of it exceeds it and overall the color is really cute. 

Last but not least is a mascara.  it is the Avon mega effects mascara. I have never seen one like this before. It is kind of a tricky thing to open it. You might need some practice. I got it in the brown-black but they also have it in deepest black. It has a wide applicator to apply. The brown/black one is a nice alternative for day time. You can apply a lot of it and it doesn´t look to dark.

So that´s it for this time. Next time (hopefully soon) I got some skin care news from Avon. 
Take care. See you. 🙂
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