Copycat Recipe – Mc Donald´ s McMuffin Bacon & Egg…


Happy Saturday,

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I hope your weekend has started out right. Ours for sure did. I made these Bacon & Egg toasties for breakfast today. We had some from Mc Donalds the other week and I thought why not try them at home the next week. They are super easy to copy. All you need are four ingredients – eggs, bacon, sandwich cheese and toasties.

To make the eggs as round and high as possible I got a mold from amazon and it worked pretty good (I also use it for little pancakes). After putting the toastie into the toaster I use the time to make the bacon. Crispy as possible is our prefered way to eat it. Place the cheese on the hot toastie and it will melt down just perfectly. Now put on the bacon and the egg and enjoy.

I am a huge breakfast gal. I love every and any kind of breakfast and I could eat it at any time of the day. French toast, monkey bread, pancakes, waffles, huevos rancheros, omelette, dutch baby – just to name a few are our absolute favorites around here.

Hope I could give you some inpo on your next breakfast. See you next week.


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