Cozy Winter Baking for Christmas….

Hi guys

as we come closer to Christmas (can´t believe it is only a few days away – time runs so fast) there are more and more posts and feeds for baking.  I have choosen a few for trying out cause I need some cakes for different Christmas parites but I usually stick with my favorites the sugar cookies. #yummy 
They are so easy to make and the opportunities of garnishing them are endless. 
I am totally in the festive mood right now. You may have recognized cause all my posts this week have been Christmas related. I am done with with my tablespace for Christmas dinner and I am done with all the decoration. I also got every present since yesterday, just have to wrap the last ones I got. Now I just have to shop for groceries for our festive dinner and our get together with the rest of the familiy for the next day. 
And I am sure I wille be making sugar cookies again very soon cause we like them a lot and they disappear real quick 😉

Snowflake Pullover / Lips Catrice Lip Crayon Cherry
(Sorry for the black shirt but I had to split the baking into two evenings cause I forgot to let the dough cool down for a few hours and then it was to late. And on the other hand my pullover got some stains from making the dough so I had to wash it.)
What are your favorite recipes for Christmas baking ?
Thanks for stopping by.
Take care. See you. Love K.

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