Denim Midi Skirt and Magnolias…


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Isn´t Spring the greatest time in terms of flowers. They are blooming everywhere, adding much needed color to boring and depressing corners and overall are just the perfect background for pinctures. 

This magnolia tree on the castle grounds is a backdrop I look forward to every year cause it is just a stunning piece of nature. The big and lush blooms and the magnificent color. A real stunner. 

But let´s have a quick chat about the outfit. Denim midi skirt are back and more popular than ever. Try to get a piece you really want instead of what´s left. Just kidding but also kind´a not.

I have dressed it pretty casusal and springish for this outfit. A blouse is a very effortless piece you should have in your closet cause it is super easy to style and always looks put together. I tied the front to shorten it a little which fit even better into the casual theme of the look.

And last but not least a staple piece of my closet I can not deny away – a pair of sneakers. White for this look but to be honest I have aquired quite the collection throughout the years cause it is the easiest choice if you are after your kids all day.

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