Easy Curling – Philips Auto Curler

Hi guys

I never curled my hair this often because it is very thick and it always took lots of time for me to do this but this has changed now. I just got this awesome tool for my hair – the Philips Auto Curler. This is such a fun piece. I must admit I was very scared before using it cause I had read some reviews and some of the people wrote that their hair got stuck inside. But fortunately nothing happened. I was really funny. You can choose between the heat and the time it takes to make a curl. The way it soaks your hair in is also really cool. My honey had also been very curious about it. It beeps a few times while curling the hair and after the clicking sound you can put it down and got a pretty nice curl. In my opinion it is really fast and you can´t burn yourself either – which happens and happened to my so many times.
After all I like it and I am gonna keep it. I works really good and quick and that are good facts for me.

Philips Auto Curl
Pullover – H&M old (similar here)

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Happy Saturday.

Take care. See you. Love K.

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