Food Friday – Carrot Cake Cupcakes for Easter….


Happy Friday sweet friends,

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when you read this I am probably already out and running errands. I have a long list today and I am not sure if I can tick off every little thing but let´s see. I still need to get some things for our trip and I also have some appointments today. Also I am trying out make pulled pork at home for our cuban sandwiches for dinner tonight. Let´s see how this will work out.

But anyways, since Easter is right around the corner and you want to try something new regarding your Easter bruch traditions today is the day. I have made my famous carrot cake for years and always in the shape of an actual cake but for this year I wanted to make it a little cuter and went with carrot cake cupcakes instead.

The recipe absolutely stays the same (you can view it here) I just filled the batter into a smaller cake tin. I used 1 tablespoon of batter for each which made about 24 cupcakes. The frosting also stays the same, the only difference it that you should probably use a piping bag to add it onto the cool cupcakes.

I garnished them with marzipan carrots but in fact you can use whatever spring or easter like animal/food you prefer.

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