Essence – Velvet sticks matte lip color…

Hi beauties, 
you might know by now that my favorite make-up products are lipsticks. And for all my new readers so –  Hi I am Katie and a lipstick addict.

I recently found out about these lip pencils from essence. They have such a variety on different products and I am also using other brands, that sometimes I don´t recognize the newest arrivals and I do not know if they are brandnew but despite that I truly like them. There are five different colors:

 – 01 nude hero
 – 02 peony star 
  – 03 mega melon
  – 04 cherry crash
 – 05 plum perfect

I like the cherry and the peony one the most but that is just my color preference. In texture they are all the same. They have a soft and matte finish and are easy to apply.

Thanks for stopping by.

Take care. See you. 

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