Food Friday – quick and easy turkey garlic wraps…

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Hi guys,
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I am all in for super quick and easy recipes with lots of melted cheese lately. Why is cheese even better when it has melted ???

The dish I am sharing today has been on repeat quite a lot. I almost cook it once a week with different ingredients but that just shows how versatile and delicious it is.

The ingredients for this recipe are:
– flatbread (I used the multigran cause it has much more flavor)
– salad
– turkey
– jalapenos 
– shredded cheese (I used Gouda cheese)
 – aioli (garlic sauce)
 – purple onions
– mexican tacco spice

First of all I cook or fry every ingredient before making the wraps. 
Then I take a new pan and put in some oil and also put in the flatbread. 
Turn on the heat add any ingredient to it you like and top with cheese. Be sure to only use one side so you can fold it in the middle. 
Now brown it until you like and then flip it and brown it on the other side and your are ready to it.
This is such a quick and effortless dish you can create new all over again with a little fantasy of yours. 
Add a small side salad if you like and enjoy.

Hope I could give you some food inpo for the weekend. I am now out and about to the body shop and also shooting a beauty post later so stay tuned guys.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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