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Hi guys,

(post contains affiliate links / Werbung/Beitrag enthält Affiliate Links)
this post is a long oderdue one and I wanted to post this so long ago but never came around and there where also some last minute product changes so I wanted to make sure that I like them and want to incorporate them into my daily routine before talking ´bout them on my blog. Cause as you now I always test these kind of items before sharing with you.

First of all I make sure my face is clean. I have been using an oil cleaner for a long time but I actually didn´t like it so I went back to my usual face wash from Garnier SkinActive. I got the all-in-1 micellar foaming face wash and also the matching cleansing water. But before I turn on the water on most days I use a make-up remover wipes to get off the main of my leftover make-up (currently using the Comodynes but I also love the Teatree Wipes from The Body Shop). After that I clean with water and my face wash. I use my cleansing water then to remove the lasts rests of make-up and to leave a fresh feel on my skin. 

To get rid of my eye make-up like mascara I am using the Garnier Skin Active 2-in-1 eye make-up remover. It is a two component formula which you have to shake first before applying so the ingredients can mix.

Also on some days I am using the Paula´s Choice Skin Balancing Oil-Reducing Cleanser. If my skin was out of balance and produced a lot of oil this day or if I have really irritated skin with blemishes and also dry spot I am using this product to get it back to normal. It is a huge bottle and in fact I should have taken the smaller one but I didn´t read the size info. So what!

Two times a week I am using a mask after I showered. At the moment it is the pure clay clear and comfort mask from L´oreal Paris. For applying the mask I am using a make-up brush. It is way easier, the product lasts longer cause you need less and you don´t get bacterias into the pot by using your fingers. Other masks I am loving the sheet masks from Maskeraide.

I hopped onto the microneedling train about two months ago and I have been using it ever since. I have the Walberg Beautyroller (similar here). I am using it twice a week (on the days where I am not masking). I roll over my face like the manual says and afterwards I am applying my hyaluronic acid (not pictured above just added this product last weekend) onto my forehead, under my eyes and around my mouth. Afterwards I am adding my Vichy Liftactiv eye creme and the skin perfection serum from L´oreal Paris.
I let this set for about five to ten minutes and then I put on my Kiehl´s Ultra Facial Oil Free Gel Creme. This is the lightest and softest face cream I have ever owned. The gel consistency is awesome. Putting it on if feels like it is melting into your skin.

Like I said above I am using the Kiehl´s face creme daily and the skin perfecting serum underneath two times a week.

On some days (when I know I might get a hormonal breakout or if I am already feeling something coming up) I am using the Clerasil Deep Treatment Pads before applying my face cream. Also if needed I spot on the Paula´s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA liquid including salisylic acid. 

For eye cream I am currently using the Vichy Liftactiv which I truly love and am using for several month now.

Also I am applying a lip balm on my lips to avoid dryness. 

Do you have any products you have to use and love?

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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