#gettingbackinshape – Postpartum and Fitness Journey – Part I…

getting back in shape, postpartum, after baby body, asos activewear, my daily schedule

getting back in shape, postpartum, after baby body, asos activewear, my daily schedule

getting back in shape, postpartum, after baby body, asos activewear, my daily schedule

getting back in shape, postpartum, after baby body, asos activewear, my daily schedule

getting back in shape, postpartum, after baby body, asos activewear, my daily schedule


Hi you guys,

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it is now exactly 4 and a half months after Emilia´s birth and I started to get back to working out and loosing that baby weight. To be honest first of all I thought it would bother me more that I had most of my weight still on but it absolutely didn´t and I was also busy with a newborn so also no time to bother. The other thing was breastfeeding. With full time breastfeeding I heard that all your extra baby pounds will come off quickly but they didn´t move at all so I decided to start working out again. Although I had to wait a little longer because of my postpartum recovery.

Postpartum Recovery

This might be TMI for some so feel free to skip if you dont´want to know.

I had a second degree tear after giving birth and also got hemorrhoids from pushing plus a bruised coccyx brom my intense back labor. This wasn´t the best combo given a quick recovery but it went better from there than I thought. I probably really helped going on walks a lot.

My tear wasn´t as disruptive as I thought and besides me not able to sit up for a long period or get up quickly from a seated position it was okay. I stopped bleeding after about 10 days which is normal but not very common as the midwife pointed out so this definitely was a win. Also my uterus shrunk down pretty fast to its normal size. To be honest postpartum recovery hasn´t been pretty at all but it did not bother me that much. It took its time and now everything is and feels normal again.

I was cleared for working out at my six weeks appointment but had to wait much longer because of my coccyx. I could not sit comfortable for longer periods so there was no way I could sit on the hard seat of the stationary bike (and yes I could have gone outside to run but I hate working out and running is the worst of it). I waited until 3 month after delivery and then begann to #getbackinshape.

Fitness Journey Part I

So where to beginn…

In total I gained 16 kg during my pregnancy and lost about 5 kg right away through birthing our baby. After that I didn´t get on a scale for a very long time but when I did right before starting to loose weight I still had 10,9 kg to much. So I did not loose any pounds at all with breastfeeding. 

I still have the insulin resistence allthough the gestational diabetes has gone so loosing weight is even harder. For me this means I have to cut out about 95% of carbs to even start loosing weight. To be honest I was very disengaged and overwhelmed by that but I started little.

My routine now contains a warm glass of water with a spoonful of apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach as it is supposed to kick start your metabolism and also has other great benefits

Then I go on and make myself breakfast containing two eggs sunny side up plus some bacon and one piece of protein bread with butter and a drop of honey. After my cup of coffee and my morning pumping session I hop on the stationary bike for about 45 minutes. 

I have been doing this every day of the week so far with small exceptions like doctor visits. On the weekend I trade my bacon and eggs for french toast but other than that this stayed the same for the last few weeks.

Since I rarely eat breakfast before eleven a.m. I skip lunch and just have a little snack in the afternoon like greek yoghurt, pineapple and some nuts or I eat leftovers from dinner the night before.

For dinner I eat normal but carb free which means steak with vegetables or fish with a side salad or the inside of a burrito without the bread (burrito bowl). We do get take-out too some times and it also works great. I just leave the carbs for my husband to eat.

This has worked wonders for me and to this day I have already lost 4,9 kg which I think is amazing. I noticed my belly get slimmer and also my leg are getting back into their shape which means I can already fit into many more pairs of jeans than a few weeks ago just in time for Fall. 

Of course I keep going because I still want to loose six more kilogramms. My goal is to have my pre-baby weight back in time for Christmas. Will see how this goes. 

If you have any questions on anything feel free to ask.

As always thanks for stopping by. See you tomorrow.

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