Happy International Lipstick Day….

Hi guys,
(post contains affiliate links / Werbung/Beitrag enthält Affiliate Links)
since I am a lipstick hoarder lover and probably own 80 % of all excisting colors this is my day today. I really love wearing all my colors. Red (of course) for year round, orange in fall and summer, huge fan of neon pinks in the summer and dark purples for fall and winter. 

I have done several posts about lipsticks. Should you wear blue lipstick or not (here), my favorite colors for spring and summer (here), great lipstains to try in different price categories (here) reviewing the Balmain x L´Oréal lipstick collection (here) and of course last years blog post according to International Lipstick Day (here).
So here are some of my favorites I am using all the time. New colors and formulas but also some oldies but goodies.

 I really love lipstick and if I had to choose two make-up products I couldn´t life without it would be mascara and lipstick.

Do you have any favorites?

Also be sure to check the MAC online store. You get one lipstick for free with every purchase over 29 Euro. Use code: BIGLIP18

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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