Beauty Routine – how I take care of my legs / feet in the Summer…

Gillette Venus original razor / Gillette shaving foam / EOS body lotion for dry skin / pumice / foot cream Neutrogena


Hi guys,
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shouldn´t one of our most used body parts receive the most and best care? Yes probably. But when it comes to my legs/feet I have to admit I am neglecting them a little bit. Although I am buying them pretty shoes but that ain´t enough.

So for today I am rounding up my current routine. What I plan on including into it and some tips.

Let´s start with the most annoying part (at least in my opinion) – shaving!!

In the summer months I am shaving every day. This is okay so far cause it isn´t a real problem while showering to shave your legs but even by using different products and sharp razor blades there are still stubbles. 

I have used many shower creams, gels and oils but only one thing helped. First of all I have to admit I can´t use products with aloe vera cause I have an allergical reaction with it and get a terrible itching rash on the spots I used it. 

So why not waxing or using an epilator? Good question but this is not recommended if you are prone to varicose veins or spider veins. I do have some little spider veins already so I don´t want to gain more by waxing my legs. 

All that´s left now is shaving and here is my tip. I am using men´s shaving cream. My favorite is from Gilette. I doesn´t contain aloe vera. It goes on smooth. It is inexpensive and it works. By using men´s shaving cream I achieve the softest result for my legs without itching afterwards.

Of course the razor should be sharp too but that shouldn´t need much more explaining. I am using the Venus Gilette Original razor (like forever) and that is all I need. Nothing fancy or super progressive at all.

For keeping my legs hydrated I always apply a nourishing lotion after shaving. You could also apply a body oil. The shimmer of a body oil creates a darker tan than you actually have. Love that.

Let´s move on to our feet…
I am using a pumice for my feet about twice a week always after I have taken a shower. I am really no foot person I think feet are ugly. Whether they are mine or others. This is the purpose of buying pretty shoes to cover most of your feet.

So after that I am applying foot lotion onto my heel (I only do this when I go to bed  cause my feet get really slippery then).

My newest addition are these self-tanning wipes from Comodynes. I have ordered them last week and wanted to try them on the weekend but I somehow forgot it. So I managed to try them last week. The application is pretty easy. Just make sure your feet are exfoliated and smooth. Then apply the liquid inside the paper sheet evenly over your legs (or also arms whatever you like). It takes three full hours for the color to set in.

As always thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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