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Hi guys,
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let´s talk beauty today. I love my make-up brushes and if you are a little like me you don´t switch them that often or never get a new one (I only have one blush brush I am using all the time and if it ever gets lost I probably get a physical meltdown :)). So with that said I am taking good care of  my brushes to guarantee them a long life.

I let them soak for about half an hour in warm water and also rinse with warm water after the cleansing process. I make sure all the surplus water is gone and lay them on a kitchen towel or and actual towel to dry. Take about a day.

 First of all you need soap. Whether you are using a dish soap or a Dove soap, actual soap is really recommended for deep cleansing your brushes. I am using the real techniques brush cleansing gel and I love it. Somehow it manages to get all the dirt out very quick. Also it makes my brushes smell fresh and makes the hairs look nice and new again.

If you just want to freshen them up quickly you can use the essence brush cleansing spray. This is really just a compromise. But if you are on the run..

Another thing you want want to use it this pink make-up brush cleaner. The different structures on the pad help so much on cleaning your brushes. Be aware of how much dirt is coming out. This was the actual point to wash my bruhes more often cause you don´t want to apply all this old make-up again and again to your face.
I have listed the pad below along with some other options. Cheaper and pricier.

Overall it takes some time but the upsides are much more convincing cause your brushes are going to last longer and look fresh and new and also your skin might profit from clean brushes since you are not applying all the germs which are hidden inside the brush head.

Which products do you use for cleaning your brushes? And do you have a routine?

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.
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