How to get customized Christmas Invitations….

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since I am hosting our families Christmas dinner I am trying to improve it every time it is my turn. As it had been very short term last year (I almost went crazy getting everything a few days before) I am planing upfront with lots of time ahead which means I am thinking about the color sheme and the menu weeks before. Than I am searching for the table decoration items and I am looking for recipes that match my thoughts. 

But the first thing is to get the invitations done. I have found a plattform with so many different graphic designs for almost every category you could ever choose. It is called freevector and you can use their templates for free – all you have to do is mention them at the end of your post or on your website your are using it for. You can also choose to get a subscription for I think about 10 Euros per month so you get access to even more templates.

I have choosen this one for my invitation cards.That is how it looks like when you download it from their site. And if you are good at paint or any other graffic program you can change it like I did to get the information onto it you like to.

After finishing the computer file and saving it on my USB stick I went to a papery store and choose the paper on which I wanted to print my cards on and also matching envelopes. As all the people I am inviting live nearby I decided to give them the cards personally so I didn´t have to write their adresses on the envelopes so I was able to put those little christmas tree stickers and rhinestones on the front of them which give them a festive touch as well.

It doesn´t take much time to make this by yourself and the pricepoint is really good since the template is free and you only have to pay for the paper, the envelopes and the print itself and maybe for some ornamentation if you like to.

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