Happy Halloween and Monthly Favorites….

Hi guys

I am wishing you all a happy and spooky Halloween. Today I am introducing you to my monthly favorites #1. This is a short recap of products I used or things I have purchased to show you what I liked best.
Treaclemoon Handlotion
 Of course I had to try this one out. I had used to shower gels for years so I was pretty excited that they announced another new product to their line. The smell is incredible good and the lotion makes your hands super soft – not to mention the cute packaging.

Manhattan Lipsticks
I always was a fan of their lipsticks and since they improved them I like them even more. That is why I am currently looking for new shades from their line. The latest ones I found are Bite my Lip – a super dark red which is the perfect color for fall and winter I love this one so much that I already got a backup and Crushed Cinnamon – a dark nude shade if that makes any sense ?! I would probably called it a nude color because it is still in the browns but it is definitely dark for a nude. Pretty difficult. And a plumy shade Precious Plum.

Brown -Crushed Cinnamon
Plum – Precious Plum
Red – Bite my lip 

The Essence Trend Edition of October “me & my umbrella” had two products I liked a lot. The matte lípstick in 02 I love rainy days and the 01 you can stand under my umbrella blush. Both are Rosewood shades I am currently craving every product for. So this wasn´t a coincidence.

The Garnier Face mask for extra Hydration
I tested this one in fact yesterday and it really helped. Since the air has become so cold and dry my skin also started to dry out really bad. So I searched for a hydrating mask. Usually I would have used one which is to apply to your face like a thick lotion but then I found this cloth mask and I was curious. It does look a bit crazy and the feeling on your face when you put it on is not so nice (it is cold and wet ) BUT you get used to it really quickly and after 15 minutes of wearing your skin is so so soft. Hopefully the hydration hold on some time.

A checkered blanket scarf. This one is super soft and super big. The color itself is a light rose and the pattern is black. Actually I bought this one at a decoration store.


Falltime is my candletime. I currently got this one from Village Candle. Amber Woods. The scent is perfect for this time of the year. All of their scents are so so good. Got this one from CandleDream.de


…..and probably anything I could find for Halloween. I got lots of candy for tonight so I am expecting lots of little monster, ghosts, witches and vampires. 
What are your plans for this evening ?
We are going to eat pumpkin soup and watch Nighmare on Elm Street later…..
Thanks for stopping by.
Take care. See you. Love K.

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