Stripes – my favorite pattern of all time

Hi guys

todays post is about one of my favorite patterns – Stripes.
A striped shirt or dress it always trendy and makes matches to every pair of jeans or skirt. You can pair it with nude colors or colors in the same theme or with totally other ones like neons or blues or greens or reds. 

Stripes have been trendy for so long time – even Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn had worn stripes. 

The dress is from H&M from their Basics collection – so you might get this one throughout the whole year but maybe always in other colors. The bag is real leather. It is from Buffalo and super soft. Still available and on sale at the moment.  The sandals are from Tamaris and great to wear. They are super comfy. The heel is not so high so they are great to wear thoughout a busy day and the color almost goes with any other color. 

Wishing you all a great tuesday. 
Take care. See you. Love K.

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Hair Care – Pantene Pro-V

To day I am introducing you to my newest hair care products.  I switch from time to time to a new brand. A hair dresser once told me if you use one type of shampoo for too long your hair is getting used to the ingridients and does not help your hair anymore.
It got the shampoo and the matching conditioner and also a two minute intense conditioner. The conditioner makes the hair very soft and makes it easy to comb. The smell is great and lasts a long time in your hair.
It is against hairdamage and split ends. Don´t know if it is useful but at the moment it makes the hair soft and shiny – so it makes it look definetely healthier.

Just a quick tip for your guys. If you do not want to put in a condtioner you can do a hair treatment once a week. So I mean you take your usual conditioner and put in on your hair and let in there for about 15 minutes -you can put a towel over it while waiting- such a great way to get healthy and shiny hair if you usually don´t have time. Doing it once a  week like this i also enough.

Keep looking forward for more product reviews.

Hope you all had a nice weekend and a great sunday.

Take care.  See you. Love K.

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Favorites: Stripes everywhere…..

Hi guys 

todays look is probably not one of my favorites ever but the pattern is.

I love stripes and after years of wearing them in every variation and on almost every piece of clothing I am still not tired of wearing or even looking at them.

They are a pattern that had existed decades before we wore it – Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot already wore these patterns – and in my opinion it will last longer than us ……

You can combine almost every color to them vibrant or nude – always looks great. And I think stripes and some red lipstick dress up every outfit immidiately.

Here is one ouftit for you – others are in progress – the dress is H&M Basic, probably always on stock.

Hope you had a great thurday.

Take care. See you. Love K.

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Bows-studs-shorts – super cute for hot saturdays

Hi guys 

I had worn this outfit last saturday for running some errands and what can I say – it was really comfy and stylish for this case I needed it.

Love the bow blouse – also got it in black and orange – always loved girly details on clothing like ruffles and bows and super cute patterns and stuff like that.

I already own the flats for a long time – bought them on one of my last florida trips.

The shopper is Laura Scott, it is dark green and huge. You can put a lot of stuff in it and there also fits more in it and more and more………

Keep looking forward for more outfits…

Got a whole bunch of you for more posts…

Have a great tuesday.

Take care. See you. Love K.

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