Travel recap – Halloween at the Europapark Rust….


Hi guys,

this was something I wanted so badly for such a long time. Being at the Europapark on Halloween. I wanted to see the spooky decoration and the creepy shows as well as the monster parades and everything else which is happening during that time (did not know before that it would be so crowded you almost couldn´t ride a thing).

Our hotel:
We stayed at the Bell Rock Hotel – one of the to the park connected hotels. We had kind of a New England / lighthouse inspired theme all over the hotel. It is absoluetly beautiful.  Walkig the aisle to your room you can hear pirates singing and the ship creak. The details everywhere are insane. You even feel like you are in another country.
The Bell Rock is a 4 star superior hotel. We had a normal double room and that was enough cause we were outside at the park the whole day. Just went back for showering and sleeping. 

Eat and drink:
 We took advantage of the great hotel restaurants twice. For dinner we went to the Harborside Restaurant – a buffet restaurant with meals from all over the world. And we also ate once at the St. Louis bar of our hotel. The Ceasar Salad and the Pulled Pork Burger are excellent. 

Another tip is the pizza restaurant at the Collosseo Hotel (another hotel in the whole complex you can walk to within 5 minutes) and also the rooftop bar on the fifth floor. 

There are many restaurants and cafés in the park where you can eat but the food isn´t as good as at the hotels (and quite expensive) and you probably have to wait a while until you get something.

The spa:
We were at the indoor pool on one day cause it was pouring rain and we couldn´t get out.The pool is created like you are standing in a ship. You have the portholes and the railing from the inside and the figurehead and the sail including the half ship on the outside pool.

 The park:
I had been to the park a few years ago already but I had forgotten a lot. The park itself is divided into different countries and each of it has a special ride for example with the landmarks itself or important things the country produces. Also the food is always authentic. For the Halloween theme the park is decorated with about 300k pumpkins. They are everywhere and this is so cool. Also there where some rides converted for the Halloween attractions but they where way to scary so we didn´t do that. 

^gemstone world in Austria^

^softest scarf from H&M / sunnies are on sale^


^coffee house in Iceland^

^boat ride in Skandinavia^

^water ride in Spain^

^way to the Minimoys ride^

^France with its beautiful bridges and flowers^

^old town houses in Switzerland^

^the pantheon ride in Greece^

What do you think about big amusement parks ?

Thanks for stopping by. 

Take care. See you.


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