My top 5 items to wear when pregnant and where to shop for maternity pieces…


FYI: I prepared this blog post before our baby girl arrived so there would still be fresh content on the blog while I am taking a break from blogging. That’s why you’ll still see me pregnant or referencing my pregnancy in some upcoming blog posts!


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Finding cute maternity fashion isn´t as hard as it used to be but still not exactly what we are looking for. There are a few key pieces that in my opinon have be to a maternity piece but other than that there are numerous options out there which you can choose from normal clothes.

I am rounding up lots of outfits I loved to wear while pregnant and also what pieces were the easiest to get and wear. I have 5 items that work for every pregnancy not matter the season.

Top five items to wear when pregnant…

A-Line Dress

Leggings and oversized t-shirt

Bodycon dress



….as far as shops go I love to shop at

H&M – they have a maternity section but thanks to all of the oversized trends you can easily shop shirts, sweaters, knit skirts and dresses without a problem. Just size up (but in most of the cases even this isn´t necessary). These are also the only maternity jeans I buy. 

Asos – also offers a huge maternity section. It is a littel difficult to shop the maternity pieces cause some are true to your pre-pregnancy size and some run a little small. I had a hard time finding a wedding guest dress because of the sizing but in the end everything was fine also the Asos customer service is the absolute worst !!

Mango / Zara – I love getting all the flowy dresses / or knit dresses in the Winter (depends on the season) from here. Always have great offers and you can wear the pieces after your pregnancy as well. 

Amazon – I got some cute dresses, my breastfeeding bras and my going home outfit from amazon as well as many things for my hospital bag.

I know that that these might not be the shops you were looking for but to be honest they are everywhere on the planet and I can share as much pieces as possible with you. Also it´s still about affordable fashion even more when it comes to maternity pieces cause you won´t need / wear these as much / frequent as normal sized items. 

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