A look back at 2019 – my top ten most read posts…


Hi you guys,

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I have decided I am not doing a full review of my year cause these are everywhere to find these days and it can get overwhelming and annoying very quickly. So I have decided to round up my top 10 blog posts from last year.

#10 – Details on my wedding dress


#9 – White poncho and burgundy


#8 – Valentine´s Day Goodies 


#7 – My Amazon Buys – Feburary


#6 – Turning 29


#5 – A classic red lip


#4 – Our honeymoon in Santa Ponsa, Spain


#3 – Weekend in Leipzig, Germany


#2 – Unboxing new beauty products – Sephora and more


#1 – Easter brunch table scape covered in tulips

As you can see it is a colorful mix of topics this year not only fashion. I love to share home and travel details with you guys as well as fashion and beauty. Beauty in general has become a huge favorite of mine as I had/wanted to switch out certain prodcuts because of my pregnancy but I am going to share a lot more of it in the next weeks. My top nine Instagram posts are below. With some of them I was really surprised but I guess that is the fun on these kind of things. You never know what comes out of it.

I hope you enjoyed my top ten blog post recap. I have shared the link to each post under the picture so you can read the full post if you like as well. 

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