Awesome Chili Con Carne Recipe – two ways…




Happy Friday my mexican food loving friends,

I am sharing one of our favorite recipes over here on Madame Schischi today. It is super simple but oh so delicious and maybe just the right food these days since it is still chilly in the evenings and a bowl of fresh and hot chili con carne can round off your day in the best way.


– minced meat

– red peppers 

– chilies

– pieced tomatoes in sauce (caned)

– kidney beans (I use the chili flavored ones)

– onions

– spices (nutmeg, chili salt, pepper, caraway and everything else you like)

– grated cheddar cheese and spring onions as topping 

I start with adding the spices and the butter in the pot and then add the minced meat and the onions. After that I put in all the other ingredients (chopped as small as possible) and let is cook for about 20 minutes and then let is simmer for about 40 minutes until I serve it.



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