Happy Birthday to the love of my life….

 ^there he is – birthday boy^

the skirt I am wearing is from Shein – just love it – also worn here

Hi guys,

it was Florian´s birthday yesterday and I am wishing him all the best and lots of love and health.
So I am dedicating this blog post to the person I love the most in
the whole world. He is the one who makes me happy each and every day.
The one I can´t get tired of spending time with. The one I am feeling safe
and secure with. The one who makes me crack up about complete crap. The one who takes all my blog photos no matter the weather. The one who loves my little dog like no other. The one who cares for us. The one I love exploring new places with. ……
 For all of these reasons and many more I am hosting a birthday party for him today. Not a surprise party – he knew that I was cooking and people where coming over – but still some tiny surprises included. 
I went with a blue and turquoise theme as it fits pretty good and he likes the color blue.  
 I made the cake the day before so there was only tapas preparation yesterday. I am going for tapas style as it is easy to make and you can snack throughout the whole evening. As we put in some bar tables it is much easier to eat. I decided to go with these tables cause the guests are pretty mixed and so people don´t have a fix place and they can move around and stand by whomever they like.
I got most of the party decor from my favorite online store pinkpartydots.de. They have so many pretty things to offer which is always giving me a hard time to decide.

So cheers to another year full of hapiness, joy, excitement, travels and surprises.

Thanks for stopping by everyone.

Take care. See you.

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