Outfit: Orange and brown….

Hi guys
this is an almost perfect fall combination – orange and brown. There were lots of busy days the last days. Lots of errands to run. A couple of people had their birthdays so we attendend at lots of birthday parties and I am trying to put some new furniture into my entry so I have to get a couple things which fit together.
I had worn this on friday for IKEA and dinner. A pretty hard day. The already set up their Christmas section so after fall I am now head over heels into Christmas. I know it is still fall but it had been so cold the last days and it started to snow a little yesterday so it totally fits to the weather and my mood.

Pullover – H&M old (similar here)
Scarf – H&M old (not so similar here)
Pants – New Yorker old (similar here)
Heels – H&M old (similar here)
Shopper – Michael Kors
Coat – Orsay old (similar here and here)
Thanks for stopping by.
Take care. See you. Love K.

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