Off shoulder blouses – so sexy and comfy for summer

Hi guys

today I got a quick and very late ( I am so sorry) outfit post for you about one of my favorite clothing items at the moment: off shoulder blouses, shirts or dresses. Doesn´t matter what it is as long it´s off- shoulder. Totally obsessed with it lately. This is a type of clothing that only fits into the summer months. You can show your tanned shoulders and it has a little spanish salsa touch – maybe you know what I mean 😉 Hope you had a great weekend and rest of it. Take care and see you. Love K

Paired it whith white denim shorts and matchign wedges. The blouse is from Buffalo London, still available and currently on sale. The shorts are old but you can find similar ones at H&M or Mango. (maybe also on sale)

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Turqouise jewelry – Obviously a summer color…..

Hi guys
just a quick jewelry post today about some great and trendy jewelry colors for summer:
What about – TURQUOISE – the color of the ocean
Here are some jewelry picks with this awesome color. Looks so great with white clothing and sunkissed Skin.

They are very pretty for all the seasons of the year. Like them a lot. Like little chandeliers. 
From sixx jewelry.

This one is the only bracelet is have for the turquoise series I photographed.
It is a H&M bracelet. Still available and currently on sale.

Those earrings are made for summer. I think the turquoise gold theme is more for summer than those with silver but both are still looking great.
The are clip earrings. Little hard to wear at the beginning but you get used to it while wearing.

Those are the last ones I have. They really look like a mermaid gave them to you. The gradients of the blues and greens and the different shapes is so great.
Also from H&M and still available.

This had been my latest jewelry purchase.
Maybe I am looking for some more pieces when I am back from summer vacation. 

Take care. See you.
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Instagram Roundup:Latest outfits

Hi guys
today I am gonna update you on some of my latest oufits I had worn:
The weather wasn´t the best lately and so they are not as summer looking as they should.
H&M – top
New Yorker – Cardigan
Replay – Jeans
Bruno Banani – Bag
I had worn this last week. It was very windy and in my opinion really cold.
Those are my most favorite White Jeans. I love them. They are Replay and the denim material is sooo soft you can even imagine.
You might know that I love flower patterns so the Cardigan is not really a surprise. The guess shopper is from last years collection but I like that it is plaited on the outsides.
Went with nude pumps, they were more fitting than purple ones.
H&M – Top
H&M – Running Pants
adidas – Running shoes

Usually I don´t post my Sport Outfits but I bought this great running top last week and it is so fashionable and trendy for running – might make the whole running thing more comfortable ;).
They got such cute tops at the H&M sports department. Really great pieces.
H&M – Blouse and black top
H&M – high waisted Pants
Buffalo – Shoulder Bag
Buffalo – Flats
This had been the most favorite outift I had worn the last few weeks. Leopard pattern still works for me and this blouse is so comfortable. The pairing with the high-waist pants made such a great look. Took the red from the blouse for the flats and the bag. Stunning look.
Hollister – Polo Shirt
Gina Tricot – Pants
Bruno Banani – Bag
Shoes – old but still amazing

Still in love with the White – Pink combination for summer days. It Looks so fresh and White makes the summer complete for me.
The heels have a metallic shimmer I do love. (Also got them in blue)
Polo Shirts are better to wear in summer than in the winter months. When I am wearing one I get this sailing / on a boot Feeling even when I am not.
Maybe it is just my thing…..
Those were my latest ouftfits.
More are in progress….
Take care. See you.

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Favorite Blushes for summer and fall – Essence, Manhattan and Catrice

Hi guys
today I have a post about all my current favorites of blushes I had bought and used lately.
I separate them in the different brands they are from:
I always loved the Manhattan powder blushes so I stocked them up with some new colors or / and some ones I hadn´t got yet.
39 W Golden Brown:

I like this one a lot. It is my everyday blush I usually wear. It is a little darker than the powder I use.
I has some golden shimmer particles and reflects the light in such a nice way.
39 N Elegant Violett:

This one is kind of a light plumy color. I like this one to darker lipsticks. The color is not so flashy so that you can wear a dark lipstick with it and not looking like a clown.
34 L Seret loves:

Just bought this one and I love it. It is such a nice pink color for really rosy cheeks. You can use a nude or also a rose lipstick with this one. Not to much at all. The shimmery particles give you a fresh look.
Those are the essence summer blushes:
10 heat wave

This one is a summer blush. They had it in two different colors but I choose this one.
The colors change from a corally orange to a bright pink.
Essence matt touch blush
20 berry me up:

That one is a currently available from the essence try it and love it collection.
I am gonna Show you the other products in separate blog post.
Multi Matt Blush
020 La-Lavender

That is the last one I got. It is gonna take months to use them all up.
This one is from their current limited Edition and I think that all of those products are for fall. They are all kinds of darker pinks and matt roses. It going to be my favorite blush for fall. 🙂
That all about my current blush favorites.
More Information is coming soon…..
Take care. See you.
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