Cozy Winter Baking for Christmas….

Hi guys

as we come closer to Christmas (can┬┤t believe it is only a few days away – time runs so fast) there are more and more posts and feeds for baking.  I have choosen a few for trying out cause I need some cakes for different Christmas parites but I usually stick with my favorites the sugar cookies. #yummy 
They are so easy to make and the opportunities of garnishing them are endless. 
I am totally in the festive mood right now. You may have recognized cause all my posts this week have been Christmas related. I am done with with my tablespace for Christmas dinner and I am done with all the decoration. I also got every present since yesterday, just have to wrap the last ones I got. Now I just have to shop for groceries for our festive dinner and our get together with the rest of the familiy for the next day. 
And I am sure I wille be making sugar cookies again very soon cause we like them a lot and they disappear real quick ­čśë

Snowflake Pullover / Lips Catrice Lip Crayon Cherry
(Sorry for the black shirt but I had to split the baking into two evenings cause I forgot to let the dough cool down for a few hours and then it was to late. And on the other hand my pullover got some stains from making the dough so I had to wash it.)
What are your favorite recipes for Christmas baking ?
Thanks for stopping by.
Take care. See you. Love K.
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Christmas Nail Styles with essence….

Hi guys
Christmas time is special in every way. You can almost get every item you normally use in a christmassy style or version. So it is no surprise that I am showing you my favortie Christmas nail style today. Of course with a bright Christmas red and some bright and white snowflakes.

I had been using essence products since they first came out here. I was a teenager back then and the products were affordable for me. But when I am thinking back they improved their products a lot and they have such a wide range on different items now. Probably you can get any cosmetic item you want or need from them. I still love their products, especially the trend editions. All of them are made with so much love. Just gorgeous.

Nail Polish – essence / red nr. 16 fame fatal / white nr. 33 wild white days
Snowflakes top coat is old similar here
Rings – H&M here and here
Magazine – Elle

What do you thing of the result ?
Thanks for stopping by.

Take care. See you. Love K.

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Our Christmas Dinner Table Decoration….

Hi guys
maybe you have seen my last years Christmas table decoration (view the post here). I still lived in the flat and did not have much space so I could only invite my parents. But now moving to the new house and knowing new people and of course my honey I decided to give a big Christmas dinner on the 25th of December.

First off all I decided to go with a traditional color theme in white and red. It sounds kinda boring but I like this one the most. Second of all I browsed through the internet to set up a menu with different courses for the evening.
And finally the table decoration – I am a sucker for table decoration you might have realized this. I browsed through the Internet for items and I bought a few interieur design magazines for some inspiration but now I got everything together and it turned out really great. 

Table cloth / Red plates / White plates / Napkins / Plate / Champagne cooler / Candle holder large medium small / Water glass sold out similar here and here / Vase / Mushrooms old / Garland, Christmas tree balls and Candy canes from our local drug store 

Skirt / Pullover similar / Heels / Earrings similar

What are your plans for your tablespace ?
I would love to hear about it.
Thanks for stopping by.
Take care. See you. Love K.´╗┐
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How to make a tasty Christmas punch….

Hi guys

as you might have found out by reading my blog constantly (and for all the new readers – welcome) I really do love Christmas. Despite that it can be very stressful with all the decoratin, baking, Christmas parties and hunting for presents it is the most wonderful time of the year. So it is clear to me to speand as much time as possible with chrismassy stuff. For me I like the Christmas markets. They are so festive with the trees and the lighting and the decoration. And as great is is to attend them it is also nice staying at home in a cozy and warm blanket and spoil myself with some Christmas punch. 

Today I am showing you how easy and quick it is to make you own punch at home. You just need a few ingridients. 

I am using an elderberry punch from the drug store
some cinnamon sticks
carnations and anis as spices
a sprinkle of rum (you don┬┤t have to – is taste also great without)
slices of an apple and and orange

Shirt – Madonna
Cups – Ikea
Coasters – Drugstore (similar here)
Ring – H&M
Lips – Lipcrayon from Astor
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What are your favorite Christmas recipes ?
Thanks for stopping by.
Take care. See you Love K.

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