Coconut Oil – Almost for everything

Hi Guys

today just a quick and simple post about something really great and for me indispensable.

Coconut Oil

In my opinion it is the most versatile product I have ever seen. You can use it for cooking and backing but that is not the reason why I am using it. First of all I use it for the body as a body oil. It makes the skin so soft and the smell is incredible. It also lasts a long time. And you can use it for your hair after washing it or after blow drying too. Works good for it,  but be careful with the amount you take. It only needs a little or your hair doesn´t look fresh anymore.

At the moment it is a real hype about this coconut oil. It has been sold out for sooooo long. I almost went to every drugstore in my town and finally I found a store which had it. Bought a lot of them because I think it is going to be sold out again very soon.

So that has officially been my pick of the month.

Take care. See you.
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The Black and White Series #4-6

Hi Guys

here is another one for the Black and White Series. Just dresses. Couldn´t even remember that I had so many in black and white.

B & W S #4

Dress H&M
Bag Bruno Banani
Shoes old

I like this dress a lot. It has a special backside with this collar like it is from a grecian toga. A light dress for sommer and the best is it is very versaitile. You can dress it up or down. It works for both : day and nighttime. That has been a daytime outfit.
B & W S #5

Dress bpc by Bonprix
Clutch H&M
Watch Omega Constellation
Shoes old but still awesome

Here is one I had worn on a date. Love the A line style and the pattern and it has little black pearls on the carriers. The small clutch – maybe it is even too small for a clutch – is H&M and  it glitters all over. Shoes are my favorite black ones. They have metall plates and sequins all over the straps. Only wear them on evenings.  The watch is Omeaga, modell constellation with a black dial.
B & W S #6

Dress from my moms closet
Belt H&M
Bag Bruno Banani
Shoes Schuhtempel24

So here is the last ouftit for todays post I am showing you. Had worn this to work this week. Worn this belt to it to set some focus on the waist and to split the dress up a little – hope you know what I mean 🙂 – and wearing my only white bag as usual. The wedges are super high but soooo comfy so soft to walk in. A great pick.

To be continued…………..

Take care. See you.

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Brows – the frame of your face

Hi Guys

today a post about a theme I always had some trouble with – my eyebrows. Didn´t care so much about the earlier days – and the earlier days means about seven or eight years ago. But when I met my current BFF she told me that I have even more eyebrows than a wolf. Too much hairs and no shape at all.  And what can I say ? Nothing, cause she was right, totally. So from that point on she took care of my brows and slowly taught me how do it by my own. Wasn´t easy for me. Some time they where too short and the other time they were short but hadn´t got any shape. Was a hard time for me and even harder for her. 

Now it works for me and that is important because eyebrows – and yes it is true – frame your face. You can´t look weird when your eyebrows are perfectly shaped and trimmed.

Plucking your eyebrows can be deceitful. It always depends on how the light comes into the room. Most of the time I forgot some hairs. But not to bad.

Here are some products I currently use.

A brow-kit from essence I just discovered last week.

It is separated in hair colors. For blondes, for brunettes and a middle shades for  everyone. There is also a lighter shade for under your brow to highlight and make the eye look brighter and more opened.

It contains also a little tweezer and an applicator for the brow powder (but that one is like in every kit crap, way to hard)

Also the eyebrow gel from essence, a clear substance for your eyebrows and lashes to keep your brows were they shall stay (also during a storm)

Maybelline Eyebrow Pen is also available for certain types of hair colors. For dark blondes, middle and dark brunettes.
On one side the color as a pencil and on the other a brush to comb the brows first.

I have already mentioned this product in the Avon blog post about my first Avon order.I Like the wax and powder very much and that has been the one I was using most of the time.

Keep on reading for more information on beauty products. Latest Avon purchase is arriving soon.

Take care. See you.

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Outfits of the day

Hi Guys

hope you are also looking forward to the weekend like me. Here are some of my outfit choices from last week.

I had worn this to a BBQ at a friends of mine. A casual top and a fluffy short. The shoes are Ipanema. They are like real sandals but way softer. I like them a lot. I like the contrast blue and white for summer. This seems so nautical and absolutely right for summer months. The bag is mango. Still can´t get enough of the trapez shape 🙂

Shirt old
Short H&M
Bag Mango
Shoes Ipanema

Saturday outfit for running some errands. Very comfy. Like those stretchy pants a lot. Had much stuff to do for my familiy and my blog. And on saturdays is also doggy play time for my baby.  The sandals are pink and I am totally obsessed. They have glittery rhinestones in a flower shape upfront. So girly.

Top old
Pants New Yorker
Sandals BPC by Bonprix
Shopper Armani Jeans

I wasn´t quite sure If I should post this outfit but I decided to do it and when I am looking at it afterwards I do like it.
The pattern is paisley and very colorful so I went on with a pant in one lighter color  that was matching with one of the colors in the shirt. Wore a black shopper and and black sandals to keep it simple.

Shirt New Yorker
Pants H&M
Shopper Armani Jeans 
Sandals Schuhtempel24

That´s been all about my current outfits. More is coming soon. Keep looking forward.

Take care. See you.

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