Quick and easy mini cakes for Mother´s Day…


Happy Friday you guys,

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Mother´s Day is on Sunday and even if you don´t have a present it might be nice to gift your mom some handmade mini cakes. Often it doesn´t have to be a fancy and expensive present, it is the thought that counts and people knowing that your are thinking of them.

I first had planned to make little heart shaped cakes but to be honest they didn´t work out the way I wanted and they also turned out ugly. So I rethought my idea and made pink mini cakes for Mother´s Day instead. I mean pink is never a bad idea am I right?

And to be perfectly honest I used a baking mix and just added the required ingredients and some pink Wilton food color. Pretty simple. Almost a little embarassing. Almost.

So after baking I waited until the little cakes were really cooled off because I wanted the topping to be whipped cream which would have melted right off by the wrong temperature. In fact you can use almost any pipe to create these little ornaments for decoration. Just try some until you end up liking one.

To add some “health” and more color I went with fresh raspberry for the middle of the cake but you can take any fruit you like. I first wanted to put a raspberry on each of the cream towers but they were way to big so I ended up using just one and ate the rest by myself.

See, it isn´t much off an effort to do something nice for another person and make them feel worshipped.

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Last Minute Mother´s Day Gift Ideas…


Good morning my dearest friends,

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I have been meaning to share this post yesterday already but I got super sick on Tuesday and couldn´t shoot all the Mother´s Day gifts I have picked out for you. But better late than never (almost every article has prime shipping so you are fine ordering today) am I right!

I am sharing some pieces I think our mom´s will enjoy a lot (and also I would approve of and use) and are also able to use. Some gifts are for pure decoration but I like giving gifts which can be used in more than one way. But that doesn´t mean I don´t like to gift a beautiful bouquet. In the end you have to do what´s sounds right for your mom and let´s be honest our mom´s would probably like every gift since it really is the thought that counts on this day. To worship everything they have done or given up for their children.

Mothers´s Day Gifts

Monogramm Mug // I personally love everything monogrammed or personalized so I think these are perfect to gift to your mom. And there are really nice graphics with every letter.

Rituals Sets // This is an absolute go-to gift (perfect for year round like Christmas, birthdays or hostess gifts). Not only are the Ritual gift sets the most beautiful you can get the different scents are all so amazing, they include lots of procuts too. And you can use the box for decoration. Also a great price point in my opinion since the products can get pricey but the quality is insane and you don´t need to much of it so it lasts quite some time.

Bracelet (Style 1 / 2) // I have found these randomly on amazon and absolutely love them. They make a great dupe to a very pricey high fashion designer but look equally as great as the real ones. Timeless bracelets are always a good choice because you can wear them throughout the year (seasons don´t matter), year after year and also the mixutre of silver and gold makes it super versatile and so it doesn´t matter what kind of jewelry your mom loves to wear cause the chances that most of it fits are very high.

Jewelry case // A travel case for jewelry is another great Mother´s Day gift (or in fact a perfect one for every mom) cause who wants to get their jewelry get lost or tangled up somewhere in your luggage. In fact no one. I got the golden color but it is also available in silver and white or even black.

Are you set for Mother´s Day or do you still have to get some things? Are you gifting only your own mom or also your MIL? If you want to have a look at last years Mother´s Day cake and Mother´s Day gifts just click here or here. And I also have a quick and easy but super cute recipe including adorable little cakes for Sunday. Super easy but impressive.

As always thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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Mother´s Day gift ideas – beauty sets….

(these are the gift sets for both of our mom´s)


Hi guys,
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whether you are celebrating Mother´s Day on the 13th of May (here in Germany and the US) or you already celebrated in th UK on the 31st of March there is one significant fact – we are all searching for a nice and thoughtful gift to give to our mothers on their special day. 

I have to admit we had a rough start this year cause we had so different opinions in table decor and how my wedding dress should look like that it was hard to talk about anything else without having the debates we had earlier on my mind but I think we are in a good state now.

We didn´t share much of opinion on most of the things but we always loved beauty products so this is something we are still into. 
That is why I am still gifting little beauty gift sets to special ocassions to my mom. I know that I can´t go wrong with these.
 I have gotten the British Rose set from the Body Shop and she loved it a lot. I stocked up on handlotion and also ordered one for her.

I also got three other scent gift sets from Yves Rocher.

The Comme une Evidence set. The fragrance is very flowery and a little sweet but so so good. The set contains a full size perfume, a deodorant and a shower gel. It doesn´t have to be an expensive brand all the time to smell good and be something special.

Another set I ordered is the Au Martin au Jardin Rose Fraiche set and this is the best I have gotten in a long time. I honestly thought it would be a normal rose scent but guys its peonies!!!! I just could sit in it. Smells awesome. Gonna give this to my mom and also ordered the Eau de Toilette for myself.

The third set I got from Yves Rocher is the So Elixier Bois Sensuel set and I really like it but it is a little heavy for me. A orentiel smell with patchouli, orange and zedar wood. I like it but I could not smell it the whole day without getting a headache. We are probably going to give this to Florian´s mom since she is really into these adorable scents.

All of the sets are available online as in stores. You can easily get them in time for Mother´s day.

What do you like most on gift sets ? Do you enjoy buying them.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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