The perfect fingerfood for your 2018 soccer World Cup party – pizza muffins…


Hi guys,
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I am checking back with a party recipe today. Since the 2018 soccer World Cup started yesterday I asume there are going to take place many many soccer parties everywhere. But what to serve for a party where everyone sits on the sofa and focuses on the TV instead of the plate. FINGERFOOD is the keyword here.

You got two hands. Fingerfood for one and a cold beverage for the other. If you have a soccer watching husband/fiancé/boyfriend like I do you gotta adjust.

For this rare ocassion (only takes place every four years) I got two awesome fingerfood recipes for you (would also be perfect for a kids birthday party).

Let´s start with the first today:

Pizzamuffins! Not hard to understand at all am I right? I think by know you know what comes your way. They are super easy to recreate and while they are baking you can make get other things done.
– flour
– yoghurt
– rape oil 
– eggs
– baking powder
– tomato sauce
– ham
– peperoni
– scallions
– mushrooms
– grated cheese
Cut the ham and scallions into small pieces.

– mix everyting together
– spice as you like it – I used our Arrabiata noodle spice
– fill into muffin tins
– sprinke with grated cheese
– bake for 25 minutes at 180° degrees

Hope you are enjoying these pizza muffins as much as we did.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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