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Happy Friday, 

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I have a very special treat for you today. In my opinion there aren´t much more comforting foods out there than a warm cinnamon roll with a fresh and zesty cream cheese frosting and since you all are my people I believe you think the same way.

Following Rach Parcell for years I always wondered about her perfect cinnamon rolls and now I know where the recipe is from. The site is called The Food Nanny and let me tell you the cinnamon rolls are too die for. I made them several times and they even get better and easiert every time. 

They are goey on the inside with lots of cinnamon and sugar and cross but soft on the outside. The cream cheese frosting is optional but we like to eat it like that in this house so here it isn´t an option. Super easy three ingredients cream cheese frosting. I use one package of creame cheese (300 gramms), half cup of confectioners sugar and a big squirt of lemon juice. I mix everything together and add it onto the still warm rolls. If you want it to melt down even more you could also add butter to the frosting. 

That´s it for today, but I could honestly rave on about this delicous recipe for hours not that I need to. Bake it and see for yourself. 

Have a nice weekend and see you on Monday.

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