Nailpolish colors for Spring and Summer….


Good morning to all my color lovers,
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today´s post was way overdue. I am sharing my favorite nail polish colors for Spring/Summer with you guys.
I am really a season girl. I love the darker and deeper shades in Fall/Winter and the light and neon shades for Spring/Summer. This is like an unwritten rule for me. But you don´t have to decide like that as (most off) all colors are in stores during the whole year. 

This is my selection on colors for this season.

bright and neon orange – Maybelline color: 341 orange attack
simple red (of course-my staple color) – L´oréal color:550 rouge savage
metallic gold – L´oréal color: 660 L´or
taupe of coure – L´oréal: 664 greige amoureux
crisp white – Essence color: 33 wild white ways
lovely baby blue – Essie color: 374 Saltwater Happy 
mint shade – Catrice color: 14 mint map
a pastell pink shade – essie: 16 spaghetti strap
 Which one is your favorite ?
Thanks for stopping by. 
Take care. See you

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