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Good morning guys,

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since Spring hit us hard the last few days all I can think about is light clothes and flower prints and BBQ. We had or first BBQ on Sunday and I can tell that I missed it so when I went grocery shopping for our BBQ I couldn´t decide at all what to make the day after cause somehow I wanted all. Spring and summer food is in my opinion much easier than the dishes for the rest of the year since many of them evolve fresh greens which don´t need to be cooked and are done in a very short amount of time.

I made this salad both in Summer and in Winter and people always loved it. It has always been the first dish which was gone so I say let´s make some cause it really tastes delicious and is so simple. Be sure to make a lot of it cause it really is a crowd pleaser. Don´t know exactly if it is because of the wide variety of ingredients or the crisp roasted Italian bread on top.

Ingredients for the salad:

-ciabatta (roast in pan with olive oil for the extra crunch)


-cherry tomatoes

-dried tomatoes

-pine nuts

-red onions


-parmesan cheese grated

-olive oil

for the dressing:

-olive oil

-black balsamic vinegar


-salt and pepper

-lemon juice

Just throw all the things together and whip up that fabulous dressing and your delicious salad is ready to serve. 

Be sure to have a bite cause it will go fast. 

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