Preparing for New Years Eve – What do you want to wear ?

Hi guys
after all the holidays are over – and I must say I am a little glad about that because after 4 days of eating and eating and eating normal live must go on. I had visited all our Family members and on the last day everybody came together at my aunts house. Everybody had a whole menu and of course lots of cake and cookies. So I went out for a long run today (and yesterday) already and now I am starting to feel a little better. Not used to get so much to eat 🙂
Now we have to prepare for new years eve which is coming very fast.
I had been at the mall today and I decided what I want to wear. I am going classic – all black with sparkling silver Highlights.
I am wearing Slim black Pants, a black Blazer with a black glittery bra under it and now the Accessoires. Hope you are gonna love them as much as I do.
I am wearing my silver Buffalo Pointed toe heels, my silver box clutch from Gina Tricot and…….


wait for it….
a small silver hat with a black feather – it is super cute and I totally fell in love with it after I saw it the first time. I bould the whole outfit arround it.


I always loved hats and hairbands and sequins and glitter and feathers. So this is absolutely perfect for me. Not sure what to do with my hair now but maybe I am just making a small low bun.

After the Focus is on my hat I am not gonna wear so much jewelry. Only a pair of earrings and my watch with some bracelets. Keeping this pretty decent.
I am going to spend New Years Eve with my best friend and some other of our friends in the city. We are going to have dinner and then we are celebrating at a bar. Hope the mild weather is holding on……
What are your plans for New Years Eve ???

Take care. See you. Love K.
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Instagram Round Up


Instagram Round up for you today. Showing you my latest Outifs of the
day. A little Inspiration for you. So here we go…..

cozy winter scarf – I purchased this one as it got colder and I am
loving it. It is oversized and superwarm. And the colors are great. I
always loved a good red and of course the vibrant royal blue. I
paired it with a jeans skirt and a red shirt. Loved the outfit.

hat and nudes – Always love an outfit with a good hat. This one is of
course H&M. There are two more colors available. Black and navy.
I paired it with my bearpraw boots and boyfriend jeans and a nude
pullover. Sorry for the white jacket but it was such a cold and windy


really an ouftit but I unpacked my personalized calendar and I am
loving it. Also found a Woodstock mug and I am loving the Peanuts –
always have, always will. The blogpost on the picture is my Christmas
Outfit Ideas Post. Have fun reading this one 🙂


rose and sequins – I like the combination of white and this light
strawberry knit cardigan. I paired it with a wool scarf and the
highlights are the glowing sequins. Love everything that glitters. I
paired it with brown booties with a snake pattern and Jeans.

and stripes – This one is all H&M. The striped shirt, the pink
skirt and the belt with the birds. I had worn this for work and also
for my dancing lesson. I love wearing skirts and dresses much more
than pants. Maybe it´s a girly thing or just more space for your

and denim – also a skirt outfit. You all know now 😉 For this one I
totally got inspired by a streetstyle outfit I had seen. Pairing a
pencil skirt with a denim button down and a black and grey leopard
cardigan – black tights and my alltime favortites black suede pointed
toe heels.


and destroyed jeans – This had been one of my casual friday outfits.
Maybe you know this from your or other worklplaces. I don´t go
casual so often but I am trying. In case this one was pretty nice and
comfortable. Had worn an orange and creme knitted pullover with a
matching vest, a pair of destroyed jeans from Gina Tricot and boots.
Pretty simple and pretty nice.

bells… – My favorite holiday socks for this season. Red and green
glittery jingle bells socks with round and soft and red tassels. My
little dog likes them a lot 😉 because they move when I walk and she
is right behind them ….. The Yankee candles are the two best
smelling scents for my house this christmas time: Cranberry Ice and
Christmas Cookie.

and fringes – Got this awesome wool vest frome H&M s current
sale. It is so Boho and chick. Paired it with flaired jeans and a
black pullover. Added a pop of color with my Dune London Handbag in

red and fake fur – This is the last Outfit pic for this round up. I
always love a good red and this one is gorgeous. Paired it with brown
tights and and a matching fake fur vest. Super comfy and warm – but
almost too warm for these days. It had been about 15 degrees every
day and sun so not the best weather for fur and boots.

Keep on reading for more Outfits.
Take care. See you. Love K.
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Winter Wonderful – Essence Limited Edition

Wonderful – Essence Limited Trend Edition

they got the products in our local drug store. It seemed to be ages.

bought the blush, the two lipglosses and and the handcream.

Kissed Cheeks


blush is super cute. There are little snowflakes in it. More than are
currently outside. The color is very nice. You can just take the rose
color for healthy looking cheeks or you mix the orange and brown with
the pink for for a gorgeous unique color.

kisses where snowflakes and I´d send you a blizzard

glosses are very sheer. You can see the color of the pink one better
than the other. It makes rosy and glossy lips. The apricot one is
very light. In my opinion you can only see it in the sun. Otherwise
it is just a glossy surface.

melt my heart

hand lotion is awesome. The smell is soooo good. Like a sweet kind of
powder. I am totally obsessed and I also got a backup now. So better
get it before its sold out….
Hope you all had nice weekend and great Holidays.
Take care. See you. Love K.
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Christmas mornings……

Hi guys
first of all I am wishing you all a Merry Christmas…..

<a href=””>Hintergrund Vektor durch Kirsty – entwickelt</a>
Today´s post is all about Christmas Mornings – the day we have been waiting so long for to spend with family and close friends, to unwrap your presents (of course) and to chill and do what you like throughout the day.
I am wearing my favorite pajamas and of course some hot cocoa should not be missed.

The pajamas are H&M of course and are especially for Christmas – you could wear them throughout the year but it wouldn´t be the same feeling. They have different ones on their Website. Also super soft and warm but without the Christmas theme.
And for all those who are fans like I am – here is a quick and easy pancake recipe. A perfect breakfast for today. Have fun and enjoy.
150 gr flour
100 ml milk
200 ml yoghurt or cream
2 tblsp. sugar
1 package baking powder
3 eggs
some salt
and of course maple leaf syrup 😉
Put everything together
Bake it in a pan with some olive oil or butter
Top it with delicious maple leaf syrup
and enjoy guys

Take care. See you. Love K.
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